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Team Information
USA Soham "valens" Chowdhury
USA Jack Etienne
USA Danan "Danan" Flander
Team Captain:
USA Tarik "tarik" Celik
Total Earnings:
 : 2014-08-01

Cloud9 is a North American esports organisation currently fielding teams in Hearthstone, League of Legends, Smite, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Wii U, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Halo, CS:GO, Overwatch, and Rocket League. C9 first started out as a small League of Legends team, as they qualified for the LCS for the first time, Jack Etienne, the current Owner and General Manager decided to pick the team up and ever since has grown exponentially over the years.


Originally acquired from compLexity Gaming, Cloud9's core Counter-Strike squad formerly consisted of most of the players originally of the compLexity team, which included shroud, Semphis, Hiko, n0thing, and sgares. Etienne, the General Manager of C9 stated that he caught glimpse of the CS:GO scene at EMS One: Katowice 2014 and knew he wanted to hold a CS:GO team after seeing that event and eventually took up the opportunity to sign the former compLexity players, who placed in the 5-8 slot at the major. Throughout the years many of the teammates that were from the original complexity lineup left leaving only, shroud and n0thing as the last two members of the original lineup. This was until the 15th of August 2017, when both shroud and n0thing were benched from the active roster, the two longest serving members of the squad. This leaves nobody from the original compLexity roster in the active lineup. Despite this, the team's main influences can still be linked back to the play style of the original compLexity roster.


ESL One: Cologne 2014[edit]

At ESL One: Cologne 2014, Cloud9 were placed in Group D, alongside Team Dignitas, Titan and Australian fan favourites Vox Eminor. C9's opening match of the tournament was against the French side Titan on Dust II. The halftime score looked like there was no way back for C9, after being 4:11 down. Amazingly, the Americans matched the same score as Titan and took the team to overtime. In overtime, Cloud9 clinched victory, by winning the second overtime with a final scoreline of 22-18. The group winners match was against Team Dignitas on Mirage. This game is now famous for Hiko's insane play during Cloud9's comeback on the CT side against the Danes, which caused caster Anders Blume to say his now famous catch phrase "Hiko are you kidding me?". With a final score of 16-14, the team had won their group for the second time at a Major, after having done so at DreamHack Winter 2013 the previous year. In the quarter-finals, there opponents were Swedish team Ninjas in Pyjamas. They would face off on a gripping three map series, on Nuke, Dust II and Cobblestone. Cloud9 won the first map on Nuke 16-8, in what was considered to be an upset score by many fans, as NiP was known at the time for their dominance on the map. Now in the second game, strong performances from Xizt and shroud kept the game neck and neck, but in the end the Ninjas prevailed, and won the map 16-14. Momentum now on their side, NiP ultimately powered through to winning the series, after another close match, with again a final score of 14-16. Ninjas in Pyjamas went on to win the Major against Fnatic in the grand finals.

DreamHack Winter 2014[edit]

After Cologne, Cloud9's results started to decline. At the next Major, DreamHack Winter 2014, the team were placed in Group A, alongside opponents Fnatic, HellRaisers and Bravado Gaming. Initially, Cloud9 were touted to emerge victorious from the group but a shock performance from CIS-based team HellRaisers prevented this, defeating C9 on Inferno 16-5 and Swedish favourites Fnatic 16-14 on Mirage. Now 0-1, Cloud9 played South African newcomers Bravado Gaming on Cache. C9 looked strong and closed out the match 16-1. In the elimination match, the Americans once again faced Fnatic, and finally met their demise after a final score of 5-16 on Dust II.

After the Major and other shaky results, for example the ESEA Season 17 Finals where the team placed 5th-6th, it was clear some roster changes were needed. As a result, on December 14th, ShahZaM was acquired from Denial eSports to replace Hiko.

Summer of 2015[edit]

In April 2015, the team released SEMPHIS and ShahZaM and signed Skadoodle from iBUYPOWER and also signed fREAKAZOiD. In the summer of 2015, Cloud9 hit a run of good form, with wins over EnVyUs in multiple BO3 upsets and other strong results throughout the summer, which led them to second place finishes at the ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 Finals, ESWC 2015 and the FACEIT 2015 Stage 2 Finals. Later that year in November, seang@res stepped down from the lineup following internal issues with the team; he would later join Torqued which went on to become the first roster of Rick Fox's Echo Fox.

Beginning of 2016[edit]

In January, the team controversially picked up Stewie2K. During this time n0thing would be the in-game leader for the team. The team also picked up Irukandji to coach and prepare the team for the upcoming Major, MLG Columbus 2016; however, due to his prior commitments with dentistry school Irukandji was unable to attend the Major itself. The team scrapped through the qualifier with a loss to Gambit and two narrow victories over Dignitas and Renegades. During the Major, the team did quite poorly with crushing defeats of 9-16 and 3-16 to Natus Vincere and G2 Esports respectively. Shortly after the Major fREAKAZOiD stepped down from the active roster and later joined Echo Fox after some inactivity. Now with an open slot on the roster, Cloud9 began trialing potential new 5th players. One of the more notable players that were trialed during this period was adreN of Team Liquid. Eventually, the new in-game leader of Cloud9 was found, Slemmy from Without a Roof.

autimatic Transfer and Championship Win[edit]

After the first season of ELEAGUE, Irukandji left as the team's coach. Only a couple weeks after, Slemmy asked to be removed from the active roster. Cloud9 later acquired autimatic and valens from TSM as their replacements. valens became more of a psychologist for the team and helped solve some internal problems the team were having and helped boost the confidence of the team. These acquisitions payed off, as the team's performance unexpectedly and immediately took an upward turn, with a 3rd-4th finish at StarLadder's StarSeries Season 2 finals, second at Dreamhack Bucharest and another second-place finish at Northern Arena Toronto. As well as this, Cloud9 had an impressive near flawless run in the online season of ESL Pro League, only dropping one map to former Cloud9 leader seangares' Echo Fox. Despite their great showing in the online portion, Cloud9 were not favoured to do well at the offline finals, with opponents such as dignitas, NiP, FaZe and SK in their group. Despite this, C9 made it past the group stage, with a result of 4-1, losing only to SK. In the playoffs, Cloud9 blitzed through OpTic in the quarter finals, and later defeating mousesports in the semi-finals, without dropping a map to either opponent. In the grand finals, C9 met SK once again, the only team who C9 had lost to in the tournament. The first map ended in overtime after a 2-13 comeback by SK on Overpass. Despite this setback, C9 won both the second and third maps easily, surprising many with their amazing performance.
Cloud9's win marked the first win at an international premier tournament by a North American team in 10 years, the last of which being done by compLexity at CPL Summer in 2006.

Summer of 2017[edit]

Following the win at ESL Pro League Season 4, the team struggled with leadership as both autimatic and Stewie2k would switch the IGL role constantly. Eventually, the role was given to Stewie2k to allow autimatic to focus more on his fragging in the game. During this time of IGL switching the team struggled to get past many group stages of tournaments, but once Stewie2k was permanently set as the IGL the team were able to break their curse by achieving a 3rd-4th finish at the ECS Season 3 Finals, winning over Fnatic 16-8 and getting an upset victory at 19-15 over Astralis to make the playoffs, before losing to FaZe Clan in the semi-finals. The week after, they finished with a 3-1 record at the PGL Krakow Major Qualifier, earning their first major spot since MLG Columbus 2016. Their second place finish at ESL One: Cologne 2017 has put Cloud9 in the spotlight, projecting them as one of the best teams going into the Major.

End of an Era[edit]

Despite showing promise at the ECS Season 3 Finals by reaching the semi-finals and placing 2nd at ESL One: Cologne 2017, the team placed 9th-11th at PGL Major Kraków 2017, marking yet another Major group stage exit. Following the poor result, Cloud9 benched its two longest serving players, n0thing and shroud, and replaced them with former OpTic Gaming duo, RUSH and tarik. After these changes, tarik begins to in-game lead, after showing motivation towards picking up the role. [1]


  • January 11th - Cloud9 announce Stewie2k as their new player [11]
  • March 24th - As stated in an interview for the upcoming MLG Columbus 2016 major, Irukandji is recruited as a trial coach.[12]
  • April 12th - Cloud9 announce that fREAKAZOiD will no longer be part of the starting roster by his own decision[13] and that adreN will be playing for the team under loan from Team Liquid [14]
  • April 23rd - Cloud9 announce Slemmy as their new player and in game leader [15]
  • July 26th - stunna and Irukandji leave their positions as manager and coach, respectively [16]
  • August 17th - Cloud9 announce that Slemmy will be stepping down from the starting roster and will be replaced by autimatic. [17]
  • August 15th - Cloud9 acquire RUSH and tarik, n0thing and shroud are moved to inactive status. Additionally, shroud retires and becomes a full-time streamer for Cloud9 and backup player. [18] [19]

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
USA Skadoodle Tyler Latham 2015-04-29 [9]
USA Stewie2K Jacky Yip 2016-01-11 [11]
USA autimatic Timothy Ta 2016-08-17 [17]
USA RUSH Will Wierzba 2017-08-15 [18]
USA tarik Tarik Celik 2017-08-15 [18]
USA valens (Coach) Soham Chowdhury 2017-02-03
Inactive Players
ID Name Join Date Inactive Date
USA n0thing Jordan Gilbert 2014-08-01 [2] 2017-08-15 [18]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Canada shroud Michael Grzesiek 2014-08-01 [2] 2017-08-15 [18]
USA Slemmy Alec White 2016-04-23 [15] 2016-12-28 [17] Selfless Gaming
USA Irukandji (Coach) Andrew Timmerman 2016-03-24 [12] 2016-07-26 [16]
USA fREAKAZOiD Ryan Abadir 2015-04-29 [9] 2016-05-19 [20] Echo Fox
USA sgares Sean Gares 2014-08-01 [2] 2015-11-24 [10] Torqued
Canada Semphis Kory Friesen 2014-08-01 [2] 2015-04-24 [8] Nihilum Gaming
USA ShahZaM Shahzeb Khan 2014-12-14 [5] 2015-04-24 [8] Tempo Storm
USA Hiko Spencer Martin 2014-08-01 [2] 2014-12-14 [5] GX
Temporary stand-ins
ID Name Replacing ID Name Tournament(s)
USA Ian (Coach) 
Ian Huston
USA valens Soham Chowdhury DreamHack DreamHack Open Denver 2017
Canada shroud  
Michael Grzesiek
USA autimatic Timothy Ta ESL/Pro League ESL Pro League Season VI (vs. Counter Logic Gaming)
USA swag   Braxton Pierce
USA autimatic Timothy Ta ESL One ESL One: New York 2017 - North America Qualifier
USA swag  
Braxton Pierce
USA Skadoodle Tyler Latham GSL Global eSports Cup - Season 1 - NA Group Stage
The Summit cs_summit
USA valens  
Soham Chowdhury
USA Skadoodle Tyler Latham ESL/Pro League ESL Pro League Season V (vs Misfits)
SLTV StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 - Americas (vs Renegades)
USA adreN  
Eric Hoag
CEVO CEVO Season 9 Professional - Qualifier #3 [14]
USA Irukandji  
Andrew Timmerman
USA fREAKAZOiD Ryan Abadir ESL/Pro League ESL Pro League Season III
USA Irukandji (Coach)  Andrew Timmerman
IBP iBUYPOWER Invitational 2016 - Spring
USA FugLy  
Jacob Medina
ELEAGUE ELEAGUE Road to Vegas - North America Closed Qualifier
USA swag  
Braxton Pierce
USA sgares Sean Gares RGN RGN Pro Series
USA Toy   David Han
USA fREAKAZOiD Ryan Abadir CEVO CEVO Season 7: Professional - North America (vs. vVv Gaming)
USA stunna  
Tres Saranthus
USA ShahZaM Shahzeb Khan CEVO CEVO Season 6: Professional - North America



ID Name Position Join Date
USA Jack Jack Etienne General Manager/Owner
USA Danan Danan Flander General Manager
Sweden calle Calle Danielsson Video Producer
Canada shroud Michael Grzesiek Streamer (backup player) 2017-08-15 [19]
Brazil Portilho Mateus Portilho Social Media Manager 2017-10-09 [21]


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
USA JamezIRL James Macaulay Analyst 2015-09-08 2017-??-?? Adaptation
USA swag Braxton Pierce Streamer 2015-04-29 [9] 2017-??-?? [22] GX
USA stunna Tres Saranthus Manager 2014-08-01 [2] 2016-07-26 [23] GX



Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2018-01-28 A11st A1Premier ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 2 : 1 $500,000
2017-11-12 A11st A2Major iBUYPOWER Masters 2017 2 : 0 $50,000
2017-10-22 A11st A2Major DreamHack Open Denver 2017 2 : 0 $50,000
2017-10-12 A33rd - 4th A1Premier ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2017 1 : 2 $70,000
2017-07-09 A22nd A1Premier ESL One: Cologne 2017 0 : 3 $40,000
2017-06-25 A33rd - 4th A1Premier Esports Championship Series Season 3 - Finals 0 : 2 $65,000
2017-06-11 A11st A2Major Americas Minor Championship - Kraków 2017 2 : 1 $30,000
2016-10-30 A11st A1Premier ESL Pro League Season 4 - Finals 2 : 1 $200,000
2015-11-15 A11st A1Premier iBUYPOWER Cup 2 : 1 $65,000
2015-07-05 A22nd A1Premier ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 - Finals 1 : 3 $60,000
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Highlight videos[edit]


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