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Cringe Gods was an organizationless Swedish team.


Bursting into the scene[edit]

Cringe Gods first came into relevance in their first tournament together at the 2016 European Minor Championship's first qualifier, where they had fielded Stephen "S1ck" Hvam in place of Jesse "zehN" Linjala. Here they would start off blazing the Norwegians of Expert Gaming 16-5, and passing on to their first challenge. In the Round-of-16, the team would face off against Erik "zende" Sundeqvist's DenDD mix team, who they would come out on top of with a 16-8 score line. Into the quarterfinals they would face off against mix team Fredde and despite losing Mirage 7-16 to them, would prevail the next two maps, claiming victory 2:1. In the final match of the qualifier, William "draken" Sundin and crew would go up against Kiril "ANGE1" Karasiow's notorious HellRaisers roster. The match-up would start with a surprising win on Dust II for Cringe Gods, who would take the map 16-12. With the opposing HellRaisers's member Patrik "Zero" Žúdel seeming to regain his cool with a 2.08 rating for the map, the Scandanavians of Cringe Gods would be stomped on Mirage, losing the map 4-16. With one map to take all or nothing, Andreas "mOkEn" Karlsson along with draken and friends would shock HellRaisers on Overpass, stunning all with a 16-6 score line, and securing the first position of the upcoming European Minor Championship in Bucharest, Romania.

Cringe Gods's victory at the qualifier would not go unnoticed by other tournament organizers however, as they were invited to test their mettle at the 33rd D!ngIT Weekly Cup. Here they would start off the tournament against Charbel "BouLy" Naoum's Team Blue squad in a Best-of-3 match. They would start the match-up off slow, losing 12-16 on Cobblestone. As things were starting to look rough in this first round for Cringe Gods, the Nordic roster managed to blow away the opposing Frenchmen, taking 4-16 and 6-16 victories on Dust II and Overpass respectively. The winner's finals would prove a tough challenge for Cringe Gods, facing off against Christian "crisby" Schmitt's ALTERNATE aTTaX. The team's momentum from the last match would carry over, edging pass the Germans on Cache 16-10. They would soon start to break apart and fall to ALTERNATE aTTaX as they lose Dust II 6-16, then crumbling in a close match on Overpass with a score line of 13-16.

Opponents David "HEdm" Thalien and the rest of Team Blue would look to exact revenge on Cringe Gods, but Frederik "REZ" Sterner and crew would put a stop to the opponent's dream of victory on Mirage, finishing with a 16-10 score with a CT side comeback of 10 rounds. Cringe Gods, now looking to exact their own revenge, would be matching against the Germans of ALTERNATE aTTaX once again in the final match. With the opponents having the default map advantage due to coming from the upper bracket, Cringe Gods would be blown away against opponent Kevin "keev" Bartholomäus's squad losing Dust II 6-16, with the Nordics taking the second prize of $500.

"Choking" at LAN[edit]

The team's first LAN together, at the first European Minor Championship held in Bucharest, Romania, the team's first match would be up against Bulgarian side Esports Club, who would be attending with a stand-in this tournament due to Simeon "dream3r" Ganev's VAC ban. Cringe Gods would be met with full force in the first map of Mirage, with all of the opposing member's of Esports Club going positive in Kill-Death ratio, with the enemy's stand-in Nikolay "pNshr" Paunin topping the scoreboard of the Bulgarian side. However the Nordics of Cringe Gods would hold on long enough to lose 10-16, with William "draken" Sundin topping the scoreboard of both teams with 23 kills.

In the next match against Timothée "DEVIL" Démolon's Team White, the counterpart of the Blue squad whom the team had faced in the past, Cringe Gods would test their mettle against a team considered the third best in France. The only map of the Best-of-one would be played on Cache. Here Cringe Gods would pick up the lead early with a 10-5 CT half, then proceed to cut a close victory against the Frenchmen, netting their first LAN match victory together.

The final match of the group stage would be played in a Best-of-3 format against Kevin "kRYSTAL" Amend's PENTA Sports, whom were considered the upper dogs of the match-up. The first map would be Overpass, where Cringe Gods would come to stun everyone, steamrolling the Category:German side 16-6. The second map would be played on Cache, where the Nordics would manage to catch the lead by a huge gap. Though it seemed at that point it would be an easy victory for Cringe Gods, LAN inexperience would seem to kick in where the team managed to lose 19-21. In the last match of the match-up on Dust II, the team would catch a huge lead once again, and inexperience would kick in and the team could not continue and would choke up and lose the game 17-21 against opponent Mike "mikeS" Tuns's stellar performance of 86 kills over all the maps.

The Re-Cringing[edit]

On February 8th, it was announced by Christian "rezex" Bjerregaard that himself and Jesse "zehN" Linjala would be leaving the team as a result of a massive language barrier within the team. rezex also added that the three Swedish players wanted to stay together in order to form a five-man Swedish lineup. The next day, Joakim "doplan" Gidetun and Fredrik "freddieb" Buö, both formerly of Aftermatch, joined the squad. As of now, the team is still currently looking for an organization to support them and the first expected tournament that the Cringe Gods will be attending with the new lineup will be Copenhagen Games 2016.

The first online tournament the team's revamped line-up would attend would be CEVO's Season 9 Professional Placement tournament, where the first match of the bracket would be up against Augustinas "fender" Čiaglys's European international team, Nevermind. Cringe Gods's new line-up would blaze through the first map of Cache 16-5. However, there would be a slightly closer margin on Mirage, though the Swedes of Cringe Gods would still emerge victorious 16-13, taking the match up 2-0.

The next match for the Swedes would be against Neil "nEILZiNHo" Finlay's Team BEASTS, whom had barely slipped by Pascal "nky" Maass's KILLERFISH eSport in the round prior. Cringe Gods would meet some minor resistance from the British of Team BEASTS with a scoreline of 16-11 on Dust II. However, things would fare easier for Cringe Gods in the next map on Overpass finishing off with a 16-6 victory and ending the match up with another 2-0 scoreline.

The next match-up would be a rematch with fellow countrymen DenDD, who would be attending with André "berg" Kjellberg which would make the matchup against the opponent's true lineup this time. On the first map, Overpass, Cringe Gods would achieve an easy victory with a map score of 16-4. The next map however, would prove more of a challenge. While initially leading 10-5 on Mirage, they would start to falter but would manage to pull a close victory of 16-14, ending the match-up with a 2-0 victory.

Having made it to the winner's finals, Cringe Gods would be going up against Aleksi "allu" Jalli's ENCE eSports. The team would take a loss on the first map against the Finnish side, losing 8-16 on Cache. The next map would be Dust II, where the rounds would turn out much tighter for both teams, but in the end Cringe Gods would scrape a victory this time 16-14. The final map, deciding who goes on to CEVO's Season 9 European Pro-League, would take place on Train. Things would not start off well for the Swedes, ending the first half 6-9 at a deficit. However, Cringe Gods would manage to scrape 10 rounds on the CT side and finishing off the map closely with yet another 16-14 victory, ending the match-up 2-1, as well as qualifying for the Pro-League.

A few weeks later, the team would be signed by Epsilon eSports, under which the team currently plays.


Player Roster[edit]


Former Squad
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Sweden draken William Sundin 2016-01-07 2016-03-06 [3] Epsilon eSports
Sweden mOkEn Andreas Karlsson 2016-01-07 2016-03-06 [3] Epsilon eSports
Sweden REZ Fredrik Sterner 2016-01-07 2016-03-06 [3] Epsilon eSports
Sweden doplan Joakim Gidetun 2016-02-08 [2] 2016-03-06 [3] Epsilon eSports
Sweden freddieb Fredrik Buö 2016-02-08 [2] 2016-03-06 [3] Epsilon eSports
Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
Denmark rezex Christian Bjerregaard 2016-01-07 2016-02-08 [1] Team123
Finland zehN Jesse Linjala 2016-01-07 2016-02-08 [1] pussit
Temporary stand-ins
ID Name Replacing ID Name Tournament(s)
Denmark S1ck   Stephen Hvam
Finland zehN Jesse Linjala European Minor Championship 2016 - Columbus Qualifier #1


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2016-02-14 A11st - 2nd A7Qualifier CEVO Gfinity Pro-League Season 9 Placement - Europe 2 : 1 $0
2016-01-29 A55 - 6th A2Major Europe Minor Championship - Columbus 2016 1 : 2 $0
2016-01-12 A22nd A6Weekly D!ngIT Weekly Cup #33 0 : 2 $500
2016-01-06 A11st - 2nd A7Qualifier European Minor Championship 2016 - Columbus Qualifier #1 2 : 1 $0
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