ESEA Rank S - North America: March 2016

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[e][h]ESEA Rank S - North America: March 2016
League Information
North America North America
Prize pool:
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Cache • Cobblestone • Dust II • Inferno • Mirage • Overpass • Train


On March 21, 2016, ESEA launched Rank S - the company's equivalent of FACEIT Pro League.


Rank S players receive points accordingly:

  • 3 points for each Rank S win
  • 1 point for each Rank S loss
  • 1 point for each pick-up game (pug) win

Participation & Promotion[edit]

At the inception of Rank S, the following groups of players were invited:

The following European players were temporarily added during their stay in the United States for MLG Columbus 2016:

At the end of each month, the two highest ranking players on ESEA will earn a spot in Rank S. Their continuing inclusion in Rank S will be up to ESEA.

Prize Pool[edit]

$20,000 (USD) are spread among the teams as seen below:


Country Player Team Points
Canada stanislaw OpTic Gaming 78
Canada daps OpTic Gaming 74
USA ryx Echo Fox 62
USA adreN Team Liquid 61
USA RUSH OpTic Gaming 60
USA Stewie2k Cloud9 57
Canada els KKona 52
Canada Uber Selfless Gaming 47
USA SileNt3m NRG eSports 44
USA witmer compLexity Gaming 40
USA DaZeD 38
USA autimatic Team SoloMid 35
USA tarik Counter Logic Gaming 33
USA desi Winterfox 31
USA ShahZaM OpTic Gaming 28
Brazil coldzera Luminosity Gaming 27
Canada OCEAN KKona 25
USA ptr NRG eSports 21
Brazil boltz Tempo Storm 21
USA seangares Echo Fox 18
Serbia LEGIJA NRG eSports 18
USA mitch Selfless Gaming 17
USA SicK Team SoloMid 17
Canada shroud Cloud9 16
USA koosta Team Liquid 15
USA rooRoooo KKona 15
Canada hades Denial eSports 15
USA Nifty Selfless Gaming 14
USA abE Splyce 13
USA summit 13
Australia SPUNJ Renegades 13
Brazil TACO Luminosity Gaming 12
USA arya Splyce 11
USA LeX Winterfox 9
USA Relyks Selfless Gaming 9
Canada NAF-FLY OpTic Gaming 9
USA m0E Echo Fox 8
USA nitr0 Team Liquid 8
Canada FNS Team SoloMid 8
Canada a2z Echo Fox 7
Canada DAVEY Splyce 7
USA Hiko Team Liquid 7
Brazil HEN1 Tempo Storm 6
Brazil FalleN Luminosity Gaming 6
USA Warden compLexity Gaming 6
USA shinobi compLexity Gaming 5
USA Professor Chaos Splyce 5
United Kingdom dephh compLexity Gaming 5
Australia USTILO Renegades 5
Ukraine s1mple Team Liquid 4
USA MAiNLiNE Selfless Gaming 4
USA roca compLexity Gaming 4
USA swag Cloud9 4
USA just9n NRG eSports 3
USA tck Echo Fox 3
USA FugLy Counter Logic Gaming 3
Canada steel 3
Brazil lucas1 Tempo Storm 3
Australia jks Renegades 3
France Xp3 Winterfox 3
Australia yam Renegades 3
Canada jasonR Splyce 3
USA n0thing Cloud9 2
Canada wabbit 2
USA reltuC Counter Logic Gaming 2
USA inVert KKona 1
USA anger Winterfox 1
Brazil SHOOWTiME Tempo Storm 1
USA fRoD compLexity Gaming 0
Canada AZK 0
Germany gob b NRG eSports 0
USA Ryu Selfless Gaming 0
USA jdm64 Counter Logic Gaming 0
USA flowsicK Winterfox 0
USA hazed Counter Logic Gaming 0
Canada Semphis Team SoloMid 0
Bosnia and Herzegovina pita Counter Logic Gaming 0
USA Skadoodle Cloud9 0
USA Lucky Selfless Gaming 0
Brazil fer Luminosity Gaming 0
USA sancz compLexity Gaming 0
Brazil felps Tempo Storm 0
USA EliGE Team Liquid 0
Brazil fnx Luminosity Gaming 0
Canada Twistzz KKona 0
Australia AZR Renegades 0