ESL Pro League Season 7 - North America

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[e][h]ESL Pro League Season 7 - North America
League Information
North America North America
Group Stage (Bo1)
Prize pool:
$125,000 USD
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:
Cache • Cobblestone • Inferno • Mirage • Nuke • Overpass • Train
Number of Teams:


Broadcast Talent[edit]

Main Broadcast[edit]

  • Host:
  • Analysts:
  • Observer:
    • USA prius (David "DJ" Kuntz)

Secondary Broadcast[edit]

  • Commentators:


  • Online Round-Robin League Format
  • All teams play each other in 2 consecutive Bo1 matches
    • Click here for information on the map veto process
  • Each team lists their maps in order of preference (1st-7th)
  • The lowest ranked map of the first team is banned
  • The 2 remaining lowest maps of the second team are banned
  • The now lowest remaining map of the first team is banned
  • The highest remaining map of each team is played as their home map, unless it was already played, then their second highest is played
    • In Regulation winners receive 3pts
    • In Overtime winners receive 2pts, losers receive 1pt
  • The top six placed teams proceed to the offline finals
  • The top eleven placed teams continue to the next season
  • The bottom placed team is sent to relegation

Prize Pool[edit]

$125,000 USD are spread among the teams as seen below:


Rogue7, 10, 13, 15
1 Brazil felps steps down from SK Gaming, Brazil boltz replaces him. [2]
2 Team Liquid replace Canada stanislaw with Brazil steel. [3]
3 Counter Logic Gaming release their team, Canada FNS and Australia Rickeh both leave the team. [4]
4 USA Snakes from SoaR Gaming is ineligible to play due to only being 15 years old. His spot will be filled by an unknown stand-in until he turns 16. [5]
5 USA MAiNLiNE joins Ghost Gaming as their coach. [6]
6 USA seangares, USA SicK, and USA ShahZaM's contracts expire and they depart Misfits. [7]
7 USA shinobi is cut from Rogue. [8]
8 USA nahtE from Counter Logic Gaming is signed by NRG Esports. Denmark AnJ becomes a free agent. [9] [10]
9 USA mitch departs Splyce. [11]
10 Rogue sign USA ryx and USA SicK. [12]
11 Splyce sign USA XotiC. [13]
12 compLexity Gaming sign Canada FNS to replace USA Slemmy. They also sign USA Rambo as coach. [14]
13 Canada Grt steps down as Rogue's coach. [15]
14 USA Bibby steps down as SoaR Gaming's coach. [16]
15 Rogue replace USA ryx with Canada gMd. [17]
16 Canada NAF transfers to Team Liquid. USA jdm64 is benched. [18]
17 SoaR Gaming parts ways with its CS:GO squad with rumors of being unable to pay the squad a "competitive salary" relative to other teams in the ESL Pro League. Their EPL spot is transferred to the players who will play as Ownage pending their acquisition by another organization. Additionally, USA mitch joins to fill the underage USA Snakes' position on team while USA shinobi joins as coach. [19] [20] [21]
18 OpTic Gaming release Spain mixwell. [22]
19 Astralis sign Denmark Magisk. [23]
20 Team Dignitas sign ownage. [24]
21 OpTic Gaming announce a new lineup; Canada stanislaw, USA ShahZaM rejoin, along with Denmark k0nfig, Denmark cajunb, and Denmark gade being acquired from North, the latter joining on loan from their Academy team. Sweden friberg, Finland allu and Estonia HS are removed from the starting lineup. [25] [26]
22 Ghost Gaming add Canada Subroza and United Kingdom stan1ey.[27]
23 Renegades add Norway Jkaem as a long term stand-in. [28]
24 ESL announce that due to Counter Logic Gaming and Misfits forfeiting their pro league licenses, Season 7 will only feature 12 teams in the North American division. [1]



League Ladder
1. compLexity Gaming 3-3 86-75 +11 10p
2. Luminosity Gaming 3-3 79-78 +1 10p
3. Rogue 3-1 54-47 +7 9p
4. Renegades 3-1 60-39 +21 8p
5. Splyce 3-1 62-50 +12 8p
6. SK Gaming 2-2 47-53 -6 6p
7. Cloud9 1-1 29-23 +6 3p
. Team Liquid - 0-0 0
. NRG Esports - 0-0 0
. OpTic Gaming - 0-0 0
11. Team Dignitas 0-2 18-32 -14 0p
12. Ghost Gaming 0-4 26-64 -38 0p
Proceed to Finals
Invited to Season 8

Detailed Results[edit]

For results of weeks 1-4, click here.

For results of weeks 5-7, click here.

Additional Content[edit]




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