AEF Dota 2 League Season One Qualifiers

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[e][h]AEF Dota 2 League Season One Qualifers
League Information
Australia Australia
New Zealand New Zealand
Number of Teams:
Start Date:
End Date:
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  • Group stage matches are Bo2
  • Top 3 in each group seeded Division 1
  • 4th and 5th place of each group will play a Bo3 round robin
  • Top 2 advance to Division 1

Prize Pool[edit]


This tournament allows a team to have a maximum of 10 players due to the longevity of the tournament. For more information about the team rosters click here.

Team Nope
1Australia aiceyy 
2Australia xeN 
3Australia Hayze 
4Australia ElusiveFly 
5Australia CUTNPASTE 
The Return
1Australia Vynato 
2Australia wtHUNG 
3Australia Jnt 
4Australia flux. 
5Australia Kise 
Why Should I?
1Australia Paradox 
2Australia Sacrifusion 
3Australia Judaka 
4Australia Trash Boat 
5Australia Basskip 
The Templars
1Australia KillerRoo 
2Australia DoM 
3Australia RoshanStacker 
4Australia Crowz 
5Australia Maleko 
See You Again
1Australia Godot 
2Australia ElusionJesus 
3Australia xMusiCa 
4Australia Davit 
5Australia NumoT 
No Timbersaw
1Australia Brown Man 
2Australia Donor 
3Australia Godlywog 
4Australia Wnb 
5Australia Fierce 
1Australia Attacko 
2Australia Gu1rdian 
3Australia Ariaoo 
4Australia UglG 
5Australia 1ara 
1New Zealand Tobz 
2New Zealand Untamed 
3New Zealand Pengu 
4New Zealand Sh3pathome 
5New Zealand Frifflesxoxo 
Natural 9
1Australia lordboonz 
2Australia XemistrY 
3Australia balls 
4Australia blackshatan 
5Australia cas158 
No Fancy
1Australia fishguy 
2Australia rizz 
3Australia sLiCKs 
4Australia tiboursin 
5Australia Buzzkin 
Da Teletubbies
1Australia xRag 
2Australia Keith- 
3Australia Splicko 
4Australia °▵° 
5Australia 愛 Teresa 
Team Nation Reborn
1Turkey KazzA 
2Australia Gooksmith 
3Australia RaiN 
4Australia Tokiee 
5Australia April 
Princes of Persia
1Australia eveAZN 
2Australia dalimagic 
3Australia Matino 
4Australia HoboD 
5Australia Jandals 



Group A[edit]

Group A
1. No Fancy 4-2-0 10-2 10p
2. Natural 9 4-1-1 9-3 9p
2. The Return 4-1-1 9-3 9p
4. The Templars 2-2-2 6-6 6p
5. No Timbersaw 1-3-2 5-7 5p
6. Fingering 1-1-4 2-8 3p
. Bloody Indo Gaming 0-0-6 0-12 0p

Group B[edit]

Group B
1. Da Teletubbies 4-2-0 10-2 10p
2. See You Again 2-4-0 8-4 8p
3. Why Should I?1 2-2-2 6-6 6p
4. Team Nope1 2-2-2 6-6 6p
5. Princes of Persia2 1-2-3 4-8 4p
6. iClen2 1-2-3 4-8 4p
7. Team Nation3 1-2-3 4-8 4p
1 Why Should I? won head-to head tiebreakers over Team Nope
2 Princes of Persia defeated iClen in a head-to-head tiebreaker match
3 Team Nation Reborn player KazzA was disqualified from the tournament and the team was relegated to Division 2 [1]


Playoff Qualifier
1. Team Nope 3-0 6-0
2. Princes of Persia 2-1 5-2
3. The Templars 1-2 3-5
4. No Timbersaw 0-3 1-6

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