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Big God was formed on the 31th of December 2014 made up of players retired from Team DK, Newbee, and Vici Gaming, who formed a team in the i-League. The team was announced to be participating in various tournaments. The morning of the first day of i-League, the team confirmed rumours of xiao8, BurNIng, rOtk, LaNm, and mikasa.

Shortly after its introduction, however, Mikasa left and was replaced by the pubstar iceice. After an impressive top 4 at DAC 2015, all the players opted to go to fully-established team organizations.


  • Janaury 2nd - mikasa leaves the team.
  • January 12th - iceice, famous Chinese pubstar, commonly confused with pc cold (a popular female chinese caster and streamer), joins the team and completes the roster. IceIce is seen frequenting Burning and rOtk's streams, and was confirmed to have joined BG on the stream.
  • Late February/Early March - Following a fourth place finish at the Dota 2 Asia Championships, the team go their separate ways
  • December 31th - The team is formed, and is revealed on January when they are announced to be playing in i-League, DAC 2015.

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Position Join Date
China BurNIng Xu Zhilei 1 2018-01-02 [1]
China Ferrari_430 Luo Feichi 2 2018-01-02 [1]
China Newbie Shen Chao 3 2018-01-02 [1]
China xiao8 Zhang Ning 4 2018-01-02 [1]
China chisbug Li Chen 5 2018-01-02 [1]


Dota 2 Asia Championships Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China BurNIng Xu Zhilei 1 2014-12-31 2015-03-05 [2] Invictus Gaming
China xiao8 Zhang Ning 2 2014-12-31 2015-03-08 [3] LGD Gaming
China rOtk Bai Fan 3 2014-12-31 2015-03-15 [4] EHOME
China LaNm Zhang Zhicheng 4/5 2014-12-31 2015-03-15 [4] EHOME
China iceice Li Peng 4/5 2015-01-12 2015-03-15 Wings Gaming
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China mikasa Tong Junjie 4/5 2014-12-31 2015-01-02 CDEC Gaming (Stand-in)

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2015-02-08 A44th A1Premier Dota 2 Asia Championships 2015 1 : 2 $214,026
2015-01-15 A44th A7Qualifier Dota 2 Asia Championships 2015 Asian Qualifier 8/5/2 Grp. S. $0
2015-01-03 A55 - 6th A1Premier i-League Season 2 - : W $4,200.92
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