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October 17, 2016 Version 6.88f is out
October 05, 2016
October 02, 2016 Version 6.88e is out
September 02, 2016 Version 6.88d is out
August 23, 2016 The Dark Rift Update
  • Underlord is added. All heroes from DotA are now available in Dota 2.
  • New post-game summary.
August 19, 2016 Version 6.88c is out
July 12, 2016 Version 6.88b is out
June 12, 2016 Version 6.88 is out
May 22, 2016 Version 6.87d is released
May 17, 2016
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Old News[edit]


May 8, 2016 Version 6.87c is out
April 30, 2016 Version 6.87b
  • Sacrifice Cooldown increased from 44/36/28/20 to 60/50/40/30
  • Sacrifice Mana restore increased from 25/40/55/70% to 30/50/70/90%
  • Blade Mail cooldown increased from 13 to 18
  • Jinada slow reduced from 25/27/29/31% to 18/22/26/30%
  • Armlet's armor bonus is now granted after it is fully activated
April 26, 2016 Version 6.87 is out!
February 20, 2016 Version 6.86f
  • Invoker's Deafening Blast's knockback is no longer a hard disable (affected units can cast abilities and items)
  • Deafening Blast's disarm portion rebalanced to keep same overall effectiveness as before (it previously applied disarm only after the knockback disable, numbers rescaled to keep same overall duration where they cannot attack)
February 5, 2016 Version 6.86e
January 20, 2016 Version 6.86d is out


December 29, 2015 Version 6.86c is out
December 20, 2015 - Version 6.86b is out
December 16, 2015 - Version 6.86 is out
October 29, 2015 - Version 6.85b is out
September 24, 2015 — Version 6.85 Balance Patch is out
May 18, 2015 — Version 6.84c is out!
May 18, 2015 — The International 2015 Open Qualifiers are done
May 9, 2015 — Version 6.84b is now out
May 6, 2015 — The invited teams for the The International 2015 were announced
April 30, 2015 — Balance Patch 6.84 is out!
April 26, 2015 — The 12th season of Star Ladder Star Series is now over
  • The SLXII LAN finals were held this weekend in Bucharest, Romania. Find out the winner! Read more...
February 2, 2015 — Short Documentary released called "We The Community"
January 29, 2015 — The Group Stage of the Dota 2 Asia Championships starts
  • The 16 invited and qualified teams play each other in a round robin group stage to advance to the Playoffs and determine their position in the bracket.
January 28, 2015 — The Dota_2_Asia_Championships/2015 start
  • The tournament started off with the Wildcard qualifier. The qualifier decided which 2 teams, from the top two finishers in DSPL, fifth and sixth of the Asia qualifier, and second and third of the Europe qualifier will advance to the Group Stage.
January 21, 2015 — Major All Stars Dota 2 Tournament Announced!
  • ~$100,000 Prize Pool with a LAN finals to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia sometime on March 2015.Read more...


December 17, 2014 — Balance Patch 6.83 is out
November 20, 2014 — Oracle is live and with it the Nemesis Assassin event for Phantom Assassin.
September 23, 2014 — Upcoming Balance Patch 6.82
September 4, 2014 — Techies is now live and also All Random Deathmatch!
  • The patch also includes some taunts, new multi-kill banners, and the All-Hero challenge. Read more...
August 13, 2014 — ESL One: New York 2014 is announced!
  • Will take place October 9-10th at Madison Square Garden Theater with a prize pool of $100,000.
July 9th, 2014 — Phase Two of The International starts
  • The 16 invited and qualified teams play each other in a round robin groupstage to advance to Phase Three.
July 8th, 2014 — The International 4 starts
  • The tournament started off with the Phase One qualifiers. The qualifiers decided what team, that finished 2nd in their regional qualifiers, who would get the 16th spot for the main tournament.
June 27th, 2014 — The International 4 prize pool is now over 10 million USD
  • More than two weeks before the event, the prize money reached the 10 million USD mark. With all the currently announced milestones unlocked, it is unclear at this point if Valve will add more of them. Read more...
June 2nd, 2014 — Evil Geniuses announces a roster change
  • EG's Clinton "Fear" Loomis has, for the last couple of months, not been playing with the team due to elbow issues. EG has now announced that "Fear" will be replaced by Mason "mason" Venne in all tournaments up to, and including, The International 4. Read more...
June 1st, 2014 — The International 4 prize pool has now reached 8 million USD
  • The amount of compendium, and in game point, sales for TI4 continues to help increase the prize pool. The community has now contributed over 6,5 million USD to the total prize pool and the number keeps rising. Read more...
May 16, 2014 — The International 4 prize pool at least 5 million USD
  • Due to the huge amounts of the TI4 Compendium sales the prize pool for the tournament has surpassed 5 million USD, with a fan contribution of 3.4 million to the prize pool, and a total of 13.6 millions in compendium sales. Read more...
May 10, 2014 — The International 4 Compendium is Released
April 29, 2014 — The International 4 Invites and Qualifiers
April 1, 2014 — Valve releases ticket price, dates and location for The International 2014
  • Valve released the first information about the upcoming TI4. As a side effect of the change of venue, the tournament will this year be held at the KeyArena in Seattle, the tournament has been scheduled to start on the 18th of July with the finals being played on the 21st of July. Read more...
March 20, 2014 — Invites for ESL One Frankfurt 2014 announced
  • ESL today announced that the two invites for ESL One Frankfurt will be Alliance and Navi. The details for the qualification stage for Europe and America was also released. Read more...
March 16, 2014 — Beyond the Summit announces The Summit
  • On the first episode of their new talk-show In the Studio, BTS announced the $50,000 tournament The Summit. The tournament will be held June 5-8th at the BTS house.
March 2-8, 2014 — Behind the Horse is released
February 23, 2014 — Team Newbee is formed.
  • After rumors floating around it has now been confirmed that a new Chinese Dota 2-team, led by none other then Zhang "Xiao8" Ning, has been formed. The team's first appearance will be in StarLadder season 9. Read more...
February 20, 2014 — Evil Geniuses pick up S A D B O Y S
February 20, 2014 — Invictus Gaming roster shuffle
February 10, 2014 — Zhou retires
February 09, 2014 — Speed Gaming joins Cloud9
February 09, 2014 — MYM recruits Team Life
January 29, 2014 — Patch 6.80 is released
January 28, 2014 — MLG partner with joinDOTA to run a new tournament
January 23, 2014 — mousesports drops their Dota 2 team
January 23, 2014 — Korean Dota 2 League announced today
  • Dota 2 is officially a part of Kespa now, and with that they will be hosting a series of pro/amateur events. Read more...
January 21, 2014 — New Singaporean team, hyhy back to progaming
January 10, 2014 — Dota 2 best multiplayer game in 2013 according to IGN
  • Dota 2 won IGN's Best Overall Multiplayer Game of The Year award for 2013. Read more...
January 10, 2014 — NS unretires
January 09, 2014 — Patch released
  • This week's Dota 2 update has arrived bringing a number of new item sets, league passes and some hidden goodies behind the scenes such as third party Compendiums.Read more...
January 07, 2014 — StarTale to release their Dota 2 team, team will continue
  • StarTale announced earlier today that they would be releasing their Dota 2 team, but the team will continue on. Read more...
January 06, 2014 — Era, H4nn1 unable to attend D2L Finals
January 03, 2014 — LGD Gaming to play in D2L again
January 02, 2014 — LGD Gaming withdraws from the Dota 2 League, Team Liquid to replace
  • Due to some roster issues, LGD Gaming will not be able to attend the D2L finals in Las Vegas next week. Read more...
January 03, 2014 — Team Zephyr announced with Blitz and Purge


December 30, 2013 — Virtus.Pro says goodbye to LighTofHeaveN
November 30, 2013 — NS Retires
October 21, 2013 — Patch 6.79 is released
  • The newest DotA patch was released earlier this week, the first to be directly deployed in Dota 2, with balance hero and item changes. Read more...
October 8, 2013 — Virtus.Pro roster changes
September 25, 2013 — Team Liquid finishes their roster shuffles
September 21, 2013 — Titan picks up the Orange roster
  • Orange recently announced that their team was shutting down and their players moving to another organisation. It has been revealed that this organisation is Titan who have picked up the four remaining players from The International 3 roster as well as Ice who has been playing for Team Zenith. Read more...
September 19, 2013 — EG shuffles their roster
September 19, 2013 — Kaipi bought by RaTtLeSnAkE
  • With a price tag of $200 000 Kaipi will change name to and the players will move to China in December, to play for their new organization.Read more...
September 3, 2013 — Invictus Gaming removes Zhou
September 2, 2013 — New Vici Gaming roster includes rOtk and Super
July 12, 2013 — Dota 2 update July 10th - Abaddon is added
  • Another major patch was applied to Dota 2 earlier today, and with that comes the addition of a new hero, Abaddon. Read more...
July 12, 2013 — Dota 2 Beta Over
  • The Dota 2 Beta is officially over today, and the full game has been released to the public. Read more...
July 5, 2013 — GOMTV announces the first Dota 2 tournament in Korea.
  • Chae Jung Won of GOM announced earlier today that they would begin producing eSports content though Dota 2, starting with an offline event at the GOM Studios. Read more...
June 23, 2013 — TpoH joins RoX to replace Solo
  • Solo was kicked from Rox after he admitted his involvement in betting fraud, and TpoH was recruited to replace him. Read more...
June 15, 2013 — Solo recieves lifetime ban from Starladder.
June 13, 2013 — Nexon Announces Dota 2 events, with 1.7 Million total prize.
  • Nexon announced that they will hold multiple Dota 2 events in South Korea, with over 1.7 million in prizes.Read more...
June 11, 2013 — fy Decides to stay with Vici Gaming
  • The other day fy and Xtt announced their departures from Vici Gaming. Today fy announces that his decision was of haste and that he will now stay with the team. Read more...
June 10, 2013 — Xtt and fy Leave Vici Gaming
June 4, 2013 — DD.Dota becomes Quantic Gaming
  • DD.Dota re-enters the Dota 2 scene under the Quantic Gaming name. They will keep their full roster as it was in DD.Dota. Read more...
May 29, 2013 — DotA patch 6.78 released
  • The newest DotA patch was released earlier this week, with two new heroes and many more changes throughout. Read more...
May 27, 2013 — Natus Vincere to Bootcamp in China
  • Natus Vincere announced today that they will be bootcamping in China from June 24th - July 10th, where they will stay in Shanghai at StarCNTV to participate in showmatches against China's best. Read more...
May 26, 2013 — Mini and SeleCT leave the QPAD Red Pandas
May 17, 2013 — Qualifiers and Invites announced for DreamHack Summer
  • DreamHack released the first 8 invited teams to the next DreamHack Summer this morning. Along with two qualifier dates, on May 25-26, and June 1-2. Read more...
May 15, 2013 — Dreamz replaces Neolution International in The International 2013 Eastern Qualifiers
May 14, 2013 — Neolution International Drops Ninjaboogie
May 13, 2013 — The International 2013 Western Qualifiers started today
  • Today the Western Qualifiers started, hosted by none other than the GD studio. Over the next week we will see the top 8 teams in the Western scene currently without invites battle it out for a spot at The International 2013. Read more...
May 8, 2013 — WCG Drops Dota 2 for League of Legends
  • WCG 2013 has just announced the list of games to be included in this year's event and shockingly, the organizers have decided to drop Dota 2 in place of League of Legends. The official reason for it has not been diclosed but a reliable insider told us the story behind it.Read more...
May 6, 2013 — Tongfu replaces LGD Gaming in The International 3
May 3, 2013 — Teams for the The International 3 qualifiers announced
April 30, 2013 — The International 3 invites are all announced
  • The 13 invited teams have been revealed. There now remain three spots left to be determined by winning one of the two qualifiers and in a match between the two runner ups in those qualifiers. Read more...
April 23, 2013 — Invictus Gaming is the first to be invited to The International 3
  • ChuaN announced on his Twitter that the reigning champions, Invictus Gaming, was invited to The International 3. Read more...
April 4, 2013 — StarLadder Season 5 finals begin
March 29, 2013 — FXOpen_e-Sports announces Dota 2 team
  • FXOpen_e-Sports announced their entry into Dota 2 with a Korean lineup and hinted at their inclusion in an upcoming Korean based Dota 2 league. Read more...
March 19, 2013 — EternaLEnVy joins Kaipi
  • EternaLEnVy announced today that he will be joining Kaipi as their hard carry player, following his departure from No Tidehunter. Read more...
March 19, 2013 — Vigoss officially joins Empire
February 26, 2013 — Re-defining Madness disbands
February 12, 2013 — N9 disbands
  • It has been announced today that Natural 9 has disbanded. The team cited difficulties in finding a fifth player despite a widened search which included European players as the cause. Read more...
January 27, 2013 — mTw officially ceases operations
  • mTw officially announced today that it has ceased operations, citing an inability to run "a sustainable and stable business" and that the "business model of eSports clans does not work any more in its current form." Read more...
January 24, 2012 — The January 24, 2013 Patch has arrived.
  • Troll Warlord has been introduced to the game, along with All Random matchmaking. The patch also added a tournament calendar and some hud updates, as well as fixed some bugs. [2]
January 21, 2013 — RoX enters Dota 2
January 6, 2013 — UNiVeRsE to Team Dignitas


December 13, 2012 — The December 13, 2012 Patch has arrived
  • Timbersaw has been introduced to the game. The patch also fixes some bugs. [4]
December 11, 2012 — ComeWithMe and SexyBamboe leave Absolute Legends; tryouts announced
  • Citing internal difficulties regarding team roles, Absolute Legends has announced that Alaan "SexyBamboe" Faraj and Alexandru "ComeWithMe" Craciunescu have left the team. The team has also announced that they are holding tryouts for the remaining roles needed by the team and that, once those positions were filled, the remaining team would continue to compete under the Absolute Legends name. Read more...
December 6, 2012 — Team Liquid announces the start of its Dota 2 division
November 24, 2012 — DreamHack Winter 2012 concludes
  • Congratulations to the winners, and all the teams who made it into the money! You can check out the results of the tournament, along with a compilation of media coverage surrounding the event, on the Tournament Page.
November 21, 2012 — Zero has been signed by mousesports.
November 15, 2012 — Slark has been added to Dota 2!
November 13, 2012 — We haz Asian signed by H2k Gaming.
November 11, 2012 — Eclypsia officially disbands, three members form iLuminate.
October 29, 2012 — Counter Logic Gaming officially disbands.
October 25, 2012 — Centaur has been added to Dota 2, along with 6.76 Parity!
October 22, 2012 — Fnatic picks up Josh Tabak Dota for North American squad
  • Fnatic picks up Josh Tabak Dota as its North American squad to strengthen their presence in the Dota 2 scene.[12] Read more...
October 19, 2012 — Jeyo and Bdiz officially join Evil Geniuses
October 16, 2012 — Skånes Elit has been signed by Pulse Esports.
October 16, 2012 — mousesports parts ways with their Dota2 team.
October 15, 2012 — team confirmed!
October 10, 2012 — G-1 Dota 2 League announces season 4 with a 330,000 RMB prize pool!
  • G-1 Dota 2 League will be hosting China's first Dota2 tournament with their fourth season. Ten teams will be invited, with the first five already announced, and the tournament will consist of an online group stage, and an offline finals in FuZhou, China. The 330,000 RMB (~52,500 USD) will be split among the top four teams. Read more...
October 4, 2012 — Magnus has been added to Dota 2, along with 6.75 Parity!
  • The October 4, 2012 Patch has landed in the Dota 2 client, which brings Dota2 up to Patch 6.75b, and adds Magnus to the game. Cosmetic items, bug fixes, and new bots were also included.[17]
October 4, 2012 — Eclypsia acquires Team Kharkiv!
  • Eclypsia makes their return to Dota2 by signing Artstyle's new team, Team Kharkiv.[18]
October 1, 2012 — Meet Your Makers acquires The Tough Bananas!
September 29, 2012 — Patch 6.75 for Dota 1 is released.
  • 2 new heroes, a lot of hero and item changes, as well as gameplay improvements.
September 24, 2012 — Absolute Legends pick up new squad
  • Less than 2 weeks after releasing their Australian Dota 2 squad N9, Absolute Legends picks up a new team consisting of well known European players such as God, ComeWithMe, Vigoss, and Freezer. The final player to round out the team has yet to be announced.[20] Read more...
September 22, 2012 — PotM Bottom joins Team Dignitas
  • After a 4 month hiatus from Dota 2 with the release of their Romanian team, Team Dignitas picks up the up and coming North American squad PotM Bottom. The team's first appearance will be Electronic Sports World Cup 2012 in Paris.[21] Read more...
September 21, 2012 — Meepo has been added to Dota2!
  • The September 21, 2012 Patch has landed in the Dota 2 client, adding Meepo to the game. Special kill effects, bug fixes, and new bots were also included.
September 19, 2012 — Loda leaves Team Zenith and returns to Sweden.
  • The ongoing rumour of Loda leaving the team is finally confirmed on Team Zenith's Facebook page.[22] Going forward, the team will play with the roster that won the WCG Singapore Qualifier.Read more...
September 18, 2012 — SyndereN announces disband of mTw
  • After many rumours, SyndereN has confirmed the current mTw team will disband, and he will be building a new team under the mTw banner.[23] Kebap has already signed with mousesports.
September 16, 2012 — mousesports and Moscow Five announces new teams
  • After a very busy day of silly season two teams now have changes in their roster. mousesports say goodbye to two players, ComeWithMe and, now former, captain 1437 while adding the german trio Alex, KuroKy and Kebap.[24] Moscow Five on the other hand recruit a brand new, all russian, five man roster.[25]
September 12, 2012 — Team Infused drops their Dota 2 team
  • Team Infused has dropped their Dota 2 team in a statement released today. Management cited the reason as "[the] Squad's requirements [being] more than the organisation would be able to support and maintain for a long period of time." Niklas "Wagamama" Högström, the former captain of the squad, echoed that sentiment.[26] Read more...
September 12, 2012 — Darer drops old squad and picks up a completely new roster
  • Citing a number of reasons, including inter-team compatibility and other logistical challenges, Darer has dropped their old squad consisting of Artstyle, G, Funn1k, M, and Goblin, in favor of an all-Bulgarian roster. The new roster is comprised of: Georgi "Noes" Shushev (captain), Andrew "Grumpy" Lukarov, Sava "SavaDoom" Barbarov, Edgar "FirFo" Yukams, and Axlexander "Hawkeye" Yanev. Read more...
September 12, 2012 — BuLba and UNiVeRsE reportedly leave Evil Geniuses
September 8, 2012 — Absolute Legends roster departs team, will continue on their own as Natural 9 minus Snoopy and bLeeK
  • No official statement about this situation has yet been made by Absolute Legends management, but David "GoDz" Parker has confirmed the roster's departure from the team.[27][28] Now once again known as Natural 9, they will be competing at the Australian regional qualifier for "The Asia" tournament, minus Trong "Snoopy" Truong and Scoot "bLeeK" Jensen.
September 7, 2012 — Evil Geniuses and RaidCall announce $10,000 Dota 2 league
September 6, 2012 — Moscow Five disbands their Dota 2 division
  • Citing a number of internal problems, including a general lack of performance, motivation, and unsportsmanlike conduct against LGD at The International 2012, Moscow Five management has announced the disbanding of their current Dota 2 division. Team management wish to establish a new team in the space soon, with two, as of yet indeterminable, players within their old lineup receiving offers from management to form the basis of a new squad. Read more...
September 5, 2012 — Fnatic adds Trixi to their lineup
  • Kalle "Trixi" Saarinen has joined Fnatic, according to an announcement on Fnatic's website. Read more...
September 2, 2012 — The International 2012 concludes
  • Congratulations to the winners, and all the teams who made it into the money! You can check out the results of the tournament, along with a compilation of media coverage surrounding the event, on the tournament article.
August 31, 2012 — The International 2012 main event begins
  • The competing teams will go through a double-elimination bracket into which they've been seeded based on the group stage.
August 26, 2012 — The International 2012 preliminaries start
  • The competing teams are split into two groups and then play a round robin to determine seeding for the main event on Friday. The games are schedule to play out over three days and will be streamed with commentary from The International's commentating team. You can see the full schedule and results listed on the match summary page.
August 25, 2012 — MUFC out of The International 2012, either mousesports or World Elite to replace them


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