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Liquipedia aims to be the definitive source for all things related to Dota 2. This site is a wiki, which means that it is user-driven and is dependent on your contributions. We welcome any and all contributions; the information on this page defines the scope of what content to add. If you need some help with the fundamentals of wiki editing in general here are some resources:

Formatting and Good English[edit]


We have an easy-to-follow template for almost every type of page. Simply check the List of Templates page for a list for almost any type of page you want to make or wiki-template you want to use! All coding is done for you. If you need some extra code done, just find us in the Liquipedia Discord server or in IRC at #liquipedia on QuakeNet.

Copy Editing[edit]

There is always room to improve the spelling, grammar, and tone of most of our articles. Even without much factual knowledge, you can help us improve the quality of articles on this wiki.


We try to enforce a style guide with the intent to give the wiki a unified look. Treat it as a guideline, as other people can always clean up your work later.

Factual Content[edit]

Please note that inclusion of pages in mainspace is ultimately up to the discretion of the Liquipedia staff.


Who and what to add?[edit]

Players may receive their individual pages, as long as they surpass a certain threshold of notability. If your chosen player fits at least one of the following bullet points, then he/she likely warrants a page on this wiki.

  • Previous history: If the player was a notable pro-gamer in another game (Warcraft 3, StarCraft: Brood War...).
  • Achievements: If the player has accumulated at least $1,250 USD in tournament earnings.
  • Sponsored: If the player is a notable member of a major team.
  • Strategies: If this player has made widely known strategies.
  • Liquipedia Links: If the player has accrued four or more links from Premier or Major events or participated in a Valve-sponsored event.

To create a new player page, follow the Player Template.


To create a team page or not to create?[edit]

When to create:

  • The team competed or qualified for a Premier or Major Main Event or
  • it is a well established esport organisation or
  • it consists of at least 3 well known players with notable achievements or a Liquipedia page or
  • it has proven itself as a lower tier team due to significant achievements in multiple Minor, Monthly or Weekly events and
  • it has more than 4 members (so it can enter tournaments and such).

When not to create:

  • Classic start-up team with no history and no organization
  • Random stack hastily created to compete in a qualifier
  • The team has no significant achievements

To create a new team page, follow the Team Template.

Leagues and Tournaments[edit]

Leagues and tournaments should be added right away for documentary purposes.

To create a league or tournament page follow Tournament tutorial or Tournament Template.


See the strategy article policy.

User pages[edit]

Completely optional, but make your userpage a good indication of who you are! Feel free to be friendly or use some Userboxes to spruce things up.