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Team Information


LoTem is Korean DotA 2 team that qualified for tier 2 in the third season of the Korean Dota 2 League.

Player Roster[edit]

Active Squad
ID Name Position Join Date
South Korea Adam Kim Yoonsik 1/2
South Korea Yojung Jeong Wonsik 1/2 2014-10-26
South Korea IAN Kim Kangho 3
South Korea Clover Seo Jiwoo 4 2014-10-26
South Korea Cromati Kang Minwoo 5 2014-10-26


Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
South Korea SunBhie Lee Jeongjae 3 MVP HOT6ix
South Korea DuBu Kim Duyoung 5 2014-08-09 2014-10-03 MVP HOT6ix
South Korea Baltop Choi Daehwan 2