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Team Information
France Sébastien "7ckngMad" Debs
USA Evany Chang
Team Captain:
Israel Tal "Fly" Aizik
Total Earnings:
Pro Circuit Rank:
The Frankfurt Major 2015 The Manila Major 2016 ESL One Frankfurt 2016 The Boston Major 2016 The Kiev Major 2017
Upcoming Matches
EG vs. OG
January 20, 2018 - 5:30 UTC

OG was created as the new team of former (monkey) Business players. The team's breakthrough occurred at the Frankfurt Major in late November, 2015. They fought through the lower bracket, defeating TI5 champions and runner-ups, Evil Geniuses and CDEC Gaming. By winning the 2017 Kiev Major, OG became the first team in Dota 2 to win four Dota Major Championships.


2015/2016 Season: From Underdog to TI Favorite[edit]

Team OG was originally formed under the name (monkey) Business and was comprised of both experienced veterans in n0tail and Fly as well as new and improving talents in Miracle-, Cr1t- and MoonMeander. The team achieved their breakthrough during the Frankfurt Major defeating European powerhouse Team Secret in the grand finals. The team continued to be a strong presence in the European Dota scene, however, after a fourth-place finish at The Summit 4, OG's dominance began to wane and ended with a 7-8th place in the Shanghai Major. Despite this the team rebounded with a 3rd place finish at EPICENTER and claimed a second Dota Major Championship title at the Manila Major. The squad proceeded to defeat Natus Vincere at ESL One Frankfurt 2016, winning the tournament and securing their invite to The International 2016.

OG performed strongly in the group stage of The International 2016 and finished first in their group. Despite this the team was unable to maintain their momentum, and fell to the loser's bracket against MVP Phoenix. In what has been referred to as one of the biggest upsets in professional Dota 2, the team was eliminated by TnC Gaming and finished 9-12th.[1] Shortly after their disappointing run, OG announced that MoonMeander would no longer be an active player, and that Cr1t- and Miracle- would be leaving the team.[2].

2016/2017: Major Champions[edit]

To replace Cr1t-, Miracle- and MoonMeander, OG added Jerax, formerly of Team Liquid, Ana and Alliance's s4[3]. s4 would take on the offlane role, which was a new position for him but with familiar heroes in his signature Puck, Batrider and Magnus. Ana came to the team from a substitute position for Invictus Gaming. With the addition of these new players, OG made a strong start to the season by claiming first place at the Autumn Major in 2016, held in Boston USA, to become the first team to ever defend a Major title in Dota 2 history. The team was directly invited to the Winter Major for 2017, held in Kiev. After securing a top seed finish in the group stages (finishing 3-1), they battled their way to the Grand Finals beating Team Random, Evil Geniuses and ultimately Virtus Pro in the Grand Finals to claim the Mystic Staff. The Grand Finals series for the Kiev Major was the first Valve event Grand Finals to go to a game five since The International 3; with s4 having played in both.

Afterwards, OG seemed unable to quite maintain their rhythm, losing The Manila Masters in 5th-6th place and being incapable of qualifying for the main event in EPICENTER 2017. Nevertheless, they once again entered the year's International as strong favourites for the title. However, keeping with their slowdown from the few months prior, OG failed to make it to the upper bracket in the group stages and were ultimately eliminated by LGD. Nevertheless, they placed higher than the year before, with a 7th-8th placement to last year's 9th-12th.

OG dominated the competitive Dota 2 scene during the era of Valve hosted Major Championships between TI5 and TI7. During this period OG won four of the seven official Dota Major Championships, cementing their status as legends of the game. OG currently holds several world records in Dota 2 as the only team to win multiple Dota Major Championship titles as well as claim consecutive Major victories and defend a Major title as returning champions. Despite remaining at the top for such a long period, OG has yet been unable to claim the Aegis of Champions.


  • August 17th - OG parts ways with ana who announces a one year hiatus from competitive Dota.[4][5]
  • September 1st - Resolut1on joins the team.[6]

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Position Join Date
Denmark N0tail Johan Sundstein 1 2015-10-31 [9]
Ukraine Resolut1on Roman Fominok 2 2017-09-01 [6]
Sweden s4 Gustav Magnusson 3 2016-08-31 [3]
Finland JerAx Jesse Vainikka 4 2016-08-31 [3]
Israel Fly Tal Aizik 5 2015-10-31 [9]


The International 2017 Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Denmark N0tail Johan Sundstein 1 2015-10-31 [9] -
Australia ana Anathan Pham 2 2016-08-31 [3] 2017-08-17 [4] Team World
Sweden s4 Gustav Magnusson 3 2016-08-31 [3] -
Finland JerAx Jesse Vainikka 4 2016-08-31 [3] -
Israel Fly Tal Aizik 5 2015-10-31 [9] -
Temporary stand-ins
ID Name Replacing ID Name Tournament(s)
Jordan YapzOr   Yazied Jaradat
Israel Fly Tal Aizik Dota Pit League/Season 5/European Qualifier/1 Dota Pit League Season 5 European Qualifier #1
Finland Trixi   Kalle Saarinen
Australia ana Anathan Pham Dota Pit League/Season 5/European Qualifier/1 Dota Pit League Season 5 European Qualifier #1
The International 2016 Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Denmark N0tail Johan Sundstein 1/2 2015-10-31 [9] -
Jordan Miracle- Amer Barkawi 1/2 2015-10-31 [9] 2016-08-23 [2] Team Liquid
Canada MoonMeander David Tan 3 2015-10-31 [9] 2016-08-25 [8] Digital Chaos
Denmark Cr1t- Andreas Franck Nielsen 4 2015-10-31 [9] 2016-08-23 [2] Evil Geniuses
Israel Fly Tal Aizik 5 2015-10-31 [9] -
Sweden Xcalibur Steve Ye Sub 2016-03-25 [7] 2016-08-23 Memento Mori


ID Name Position Join Date
USA the_evany Evany Chang Manager 2015-10-31
France 7ckngMad Sébastien Debs Coach 2016-05-??


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2017-12-10 A11st A2Major MDL Macau 2 : 0 $130,000
2017-08-10 A77 - 8th A1Premier The International 2017 0 : 2 $617,198
2017-04-30 A11st A1Premier The Kiev Major 2017 3 : 2 $1,000,000
2017-04-04 A22nd A1Premier Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017 0 : 3 $91,799
2016-12-10 A11st A1Premier The Boston Major 2016 3 : 1 $1,000,000
2016-08-09 A99 - 12th A1Premier The International 2016 0 : 2 $311,557
2016-06-19 A11st A1Premier ESL One Frankfurt 2016 3 : 0 $157,273
2016-06-12 A11st A1Premier The Manila Major 2016 3 : 1 $1,110,000
2015-11-28 A11st A2Major DreamLeague Season 4 3 : 0 $55,000
2015-11-21 A11st A1Premier The Frankfurt Major 2015 3 : 1 $1,110,000
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  • The first and, as of June 2017, only team to win 4 Valve sponsored Dota Major Championships, and the first team to defend a Valve Major title. Because of this, OG is sometimes referred to as "Masters of the Majors".
  • Called "春秋霸主" (Spring and Autumn Overlord) by Chinese fans, for their victories of spring and fall Majors. “Spring and Autumn Period ” means the period of 770 BC to 476 BC in Chinese history.
  • Called "冬虫夏草" (Winter and Summer Elimination), for their failures during winter Majors and the summer TI. “Winterworm” and "summerherb" both mean medicinal herbs in Chinese, but their literal meanings sound very weak.
  • OG, along with Team Secret, have the most appearances of Major finals, winning all 4 of them.

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