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Teng"Andy" Zhao
Total Earnings:
G-League 2013 2013_WPC_ACE_Dota_2_League Star_Ladder_Star_Series/Season_9


  • March 15th - With ACE announcing that Chinese teams had to finish their reshuffle by this date, DK announces their new roster, and BurNIng stops coaching DK.[1]
  • April - Cty is loaned to EHOME.
  • September - DK splits their team into two teams, DK Renaissance and DK Scuderia.
  • November 16th - Team DK shuts down.[2]

Coming into 2014 Team DK managed to obtain their first premier Dota2 title in the WPC ACE League 2013 by defeating Invictus Gaming 4:3 in a monumental comeback after being 0:3 down in the Grand Final. DK went on to win Starladder Season 9, defeating Team Empire 3:0. They did not drop a single game in the offline finals. Team DK placed 4th on The International 2014.

LaNm retired from professional Dota2 on July 22, 2014.[3] BurNIng announced his retirement on August 17th.[4] iceiceice, Mushi, and MMY left the squad on August 26th.[5]

DK had some good results in 2013, with a 2nd place in the Dota 2 Super League being the most notable. After The International 2013, where DK finished 5-6th, the team roster was completely reshuffled as everyone bar captain BurNIng left the team.[6] The manager of Team DK and xiao8 from LGD confirm that Mushi from Orange has moved to Team DK.[7] Team DK confirms new team lineup consisting of, BurNIng, Mushi, iceiceice, LaNm and X!!.[8]

Facing rising challenges from reinvigorated powerhouses like iG and LGD and suffering from internal issues, DK failed to maintain its form during 2012, falling in various finals to rivals like LGD and iG and even failing to proceed to the playoff stage of the ACE league.

DK's progression into Dota 2 was also fraught with peril, having shown consistently subpar form after their rather disappointing debut despite having been the first team to be invited to The International 2012.

However, during the month of August, the internal issues seemed to have resolved themselves and the team appears resurgent, though no longer dominant, as they fought iG to a close 2-3 during the G-League 2012 finals as well as vastly improved their performance in Dota 2 tournaments, defeating Tongfu in the It's Gosu Mini Madness finals 3-0.

In early October DK underwent roster changes, with LongDD leaving to TongFu and Zippo leaving the team. X!! and QQQ from EHOME joined their old teammate BurNIng on DK.

DK was undoubtedly the greatest beneficiary of the Great Chinese Shuffle, with the team suddenly signing Yaphets, Burning, and KingJ to assemble a star-studded lineup quickly dubbed the "Galacticos" of the DotA scene. Despite the infusion of star power, the team was unable to perform to expectations as pressure mounted on the players, leading to the eventual retirement of Yaphets and BenZ continuation of the slump as veterans like KSSSSS also fled the sinking ship.

However, with the addition of living legend LongDD, Burning's continued determination to "get up where he fell", as well as the growth of Super and RotK, DK claimed the dominance that was its birthright. Fielding lineups centered upon "pushing cores" like Syllabear and Lycanthrope and re-introducing jungling into the Chinese meta, DK was able to dominate the scene during the latter half of 2011 much like EHOME had done in 2010, scoring victory after victory and finally solidifying Burning's title as the Best Carry in the Universe.

DK was invited to the first international but was unable to make it due to Roster Changes and Passport Issues.

Player Roster[edit]


Former Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China Luobo Luo Yebo 4/5 2015-04-03 2015-09-??
China HaN Qiu Tianming(邱天明) 4/5 2015-04-28 2015-09-??
China ZeroPerfect Feng Yichuan 3 2015-04-28 2015-09-?? Brave Heart
China 290 Zeng Chen 2 2015-04-28 2015-09-?? Thunderobot Gaming
China black.z Zhao Shungeng 1 2014-09-13 [9] 2015-09-?? DK Scuderia
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China Cty Chen Tianyu 2 2014-09-13 [10] 2015-??-?? EHOME
China nai Huang Hao 1 2015-03-15 [1] 2015-04-?? FTD club A
China InJuly Yang Xiaodong 3 2015-03-15 [1] 2015-04-?? Wings Gaming
China super Su Peng 4 2015-03-15 [1] 2015-04-?? Wings Gaming
China coldsnap Huang Hanci(黄寒辞) 3 2014-09-13 [10] 2015-03-15 [1] Newbee.M
China DreamyU Xue Zhuorui 4 2014-09-13 [10] 2015-04-28
China XBG Gu Jun(顾俊) 5 2014-09-13 [9] 2015-03-15 [1]
Team DK TI4 Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China BurNIng Xu Zhilei 1 2011-01-16 [11] 2014-08-17 [4] Big God
Malaysia Mushi Chai Yee Fung 2 2013-09-04 [12] 2014-08-26 [5] Team Malaysia
Singapore iceiceice Daryl Koh Pei Xiang 3 2013-09-04 [12] 2014-08-26 [13] Vici Gaming
China LaNm Zhang Zhicheng 4 2013-09-04 [12] 2014-07-22 [3] Big God
China MMY! Lei Zengrong 5 2013-09-04 [12] 2014-08-26 [13] LGD Gaming
Team DK TI3 Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China BurNIng Xu Zhilei 1 2011-01-16 [11] -
China Super Xie Junhao 2 2011-01-16 [11] 2013-08-22 [14] Vici Gaming
China rOtk Bai Fan 3 2011-08-23 [15] 2013-08-22 [14] Vici Gaming
China QQQ Yao Yi 4 2012-10-11 [17] 2013-08-25 [16] RisingStars
China MMY! Lei Zengrong 5 2012-10-11 [17] 2013-08-25 [16] Team DK
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China LongDD Huang Xiang 2011-08-23 [15] 2012-10-11 [17] TongFu
China Zippo Zhou Xiong 2011-08-23 [15] 2012-10-11 [17] For.Love
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
China KingJ Zhou Yang 2011-01-16 [11] 2011-08-10 [18]
China YaphetS Bu Yanjun 2011-01-21 [20] 2011-07-12 [19] Immortal Magneto
China BeNz Li Junchi 2011-01-16 [11] 2011-08-10 [18] PanDarea
China Ksssssss Chen Bin 2010-08-24 [22] 2011-05-17 [21]


ID Name Position
China Andy Teng Zhao Manager


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2014-07-20 A44th A1Premier The International 2014 0 : 2 $819,298
2014-06-08 A22nd A1Premier The Summit 1 2 : 3 $33,088
2014-06-02 A22nd A1Premier WPC 2014 1 : 4 $48,016.67
2014-04-20 A11st A1Premier StarLadder StarSeries Season 9 3 : 0 $85,000
2014-01-13 A11st A1Premier G-League 2013 3 : 0 $33,090
2014-01-01 A11st A1Premier 2013 WPC ACE Dota 2 League 4 : 3 $165,280
2013-11-24 A22nd A1Premier MLG Championship Columbus 1 : 2 $27,392
2013-08-10 A55 - 6th A1Premier The International 2013 1 : 2 $114,975
2013-07-06 A22nd A1Premier Dota 2 Super League 0 : 3 $32,610
2012-09-02 A44th A1Premier The International 2012 1 : 2 $80,000
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