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This template generates a list of upcoming and ongoing Dota 2 matches from the wiki.

To show up in this list, a match has to be entered by using either {{MatchMaps}} or a bracket, as well as having a valid date (preferably Month Day, YYYY - HH:MM {{Abbr/Timezone}})entered in its {{BracketMatchSummary}}. Additionally, it has to be in the main space, user space matches are not displayed as they are mostly not notable.

To enable linking to the match's stream, a value (either LD stream name or full url for other streaming services) for |stream= should be set. Also, a custom icon as well as tournament name (to avoid having a lot of / in the tooltip) can be set in the infobox with the |icon= and |name= parameters. If a page doesn't have an infobox, you can put

{{#vardefine:tournament_icon|"Name_of_icon_without_namespace_prefix.format"}}{{#vardefine:tournament_name|"Tournament name"}} 

on the top of the page and replace everything inside (and including) the quotation marks with the corresponding values.

Example for JoinDOTA_MLG_Pro_League/Season_2/Americas:

{{#vardefine:tournament_icon|MLG-Logo-Small.png}}{{#vardefine:tournament_name|joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2: Pro League Americas}}