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[e][h] Luffy
Player Information
Olivier Hay
December 12, 1986 (1986-12-12) (age 31)
Active in:
Evolution Championship Series/2014/USFIV
20??-??-?? - 2013-12-24
20??-??-?? - 2016-02-13
2016-02-13 - Present
2017-06-21 - 2018-02-01

Olivier "Luffy" Hay is a French Street Figther Player, Maining Rose in USF4 and R. Mika in SFV. He is the only western player to ever win EVO on Street Fighter IV.


Career Debuts[edit]

Luffy started playing Street Fighter at the release of Street Fighter IV and began winning tournaments in France only six months after he started playing. He had an infamous win against Daigo at WCG 2010 in Cannes. By constantly having to play against the strongest players in France such as Will2pac , Evans , Alioune, Luffy improved very quickly and made a name for himself, in 2010 during WorldGameCup Luffy had an infamous win against Daigo and finished 3rd behind Daigo and Fuudo

First International Performances[edit]

His first notable international appearance was at EVO 2013 by reaching top 17, falling to Xian in a very close set before getting knocked out of the tournament by Wolfkrone. He followed this performance up with a top 4 finish at Shadowloo Showdown 2013, where he lost to GamerBee and Uryo.


Date Placement Tier G Tournament Team Result Prize
2017-12-10 A99 - 12th A1Premier Capcom Cup 2017 R. Mika 1 : 3 United KingdomM. BisonProblem X $2,000
2017-10-29 B717 - 24th A1Premier Canada Cup 2017 R. Mika 0 : 2 JapanZangiefItabashi Zangief $0
2017-10-01 A33rd A1Premier Capcom Pro Tour EU Regional Finals @ Milan Games Week 2017 R. Mika 1 : 3 NorwayNecalliPhenom $4,500
2017-09-24 B717 - 24th A1Premier EGX 2017 R. Mika 1 : 2 BelgiumDhalsimNightcross $0
2017-09-17 A33rd A2Major Street Grand Battle 2017 R. Mika 1 : 3 United KingdomKarinPackz $0
2017-05-26 B317-20th A1Premier ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational R. Mika $500
2017-03-18 A33rd A1Premier Fighters Underground at SXSW 2017 R. Mika $2,000
2016-10-16 A55 - 6th A1Premier Capcom Pro Tour EU Regional Finals @ Milan Games Week 2016 R. Mika $750
2016-06-21 A55 - 6th A1Premier DreamHack Summer 2016 R. Mika $750
2014-07-13 A11st A1Premier Evolution Championship Series 2014 Rose $17,154
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  • Luffy still uses a PS1 pad to great result
  • Luffy chose Rose because she had big breasts