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Team Information

Panda Global is a North American professional eSports organization.


  • June 26th - Panda Global starts their fighting games division with the signing of Filipino Champ.[1]
  • July 1st - Coach Steve joins the roster.[2]
  • July 16th - Bear joins as manager.[3]



Active Squad
ID Name Join Date
USA Coach Steve Steven Delgado 2015-07-01 [2]
USA MarlinPie Kyohei Lehr 2016-04-27 [4]
USA RayRay Raynel Hildalgo 2016-04-27 [4]
Canada Hayatei Alexandre Dub-Bilodeau 2017-03-02 [8]
USA KitanaPrime Bryant Benzing 2017-03-02 [8]
USA Punk Victor Woodley 2017-03-08 [9]
USA SuperKawaiiDesu Jachin Harte 2017-03-09 [10]
USA Speedkicks Stephen Stafford 2017-07-13 [11]


Former Players
ID Name Join Date Leave Date New Team
USA Filipino Champ Ryan Ramirez 2015-06-26 [1] 2017-02-28 [7] Splyce
USA Scar Brad Vaughn 2016-06-07 [5] 2017-01-02 [6] Echo Fox



ID Name Position Join Date
USA Bear Bassem Dahdouh Manager 2015-07-16 [3]


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