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Player Information
Bryan Wyllie
November 25, 1988 (1988-11-25) (age 29)
Alternate IDs:
TSM Renegade, Space Jungler X
The General
Total Earnings:
2011 - Present

Bryan "TheOddOne" Wyllie is a Hearthstone streamer and charity player from Canada who is an official streamer for Team SoloMid and a retired League of Legends pro gamer.


Calgary native TheOddOne was introduced to video games via the Sega Genesis. He then transitioned to PC games, including StarCraft I, WarCraft 3 and Phantasy Star Online before discovering the game where he became a star - League of Legends. He began with a team known as Haters Make Us Famous before joining Team SoloMid in its infancy as the starting jungler. He was known as one of the best League junglers in the world thanks to his quick reactions during League Season 1 (2011) and was the last original TSM League member to play for the team when he retired on May 3rd, 2014 to become a coach and official streamer for TSM, having recorded two LCS championships and two IPL event wins among numerous other honors.


TheOddOne is a known fan of the Paladin class, which plays into a love he developed in League of tough characters - he is known to have a tank build for every League jungle champion that he played competitively. He also played Paladin in Lord of the Arena 3 for charity against TotalBiscuit's Rogue deck but lost, which knocked him out of the tournament even though he had won his other two games - beating SivHD's Shaman as Mage and beating GiantWaffle's Mage as Druid.[1][2][3]


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2015-02-28 A33 - 4th A3Minor Lord of the Arena 3 2/0/1 Grp. S. $400
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  • His ancestry is half Chinese and half Scottish.
  • He became known as "The General" during a series of constant strategic clashes in 2012 with rival jungler Andrew Zamarripa (Azingy), at the time part of Falafel Gaming and known as "The Master Tactician."
  • His favorite League champion is Maokai, who is typically utilized as a top-laner, though TheOddOne popularized playing him in the jungle.
    • Other favorite or well-known champions of his include Nunu (through which he popularized counter-jungling), Dr. Mundo, Nocturne and Annie.
  • He enjoys many other games. He is a fan of the Mass Effect series, Left 4 Dead 2 and Plants vs Zombies[4] and has also done LPs on stream, including one well-known one of Fire Emblem: Awakening for the Nintendo 3DS on Lunatic difficulty (the highest standard difficulty) and Classic rules (character deaths are permanent.)[5]
  • His younger brother Ainslie (Maplestreet) is also a League of Legends pro gamer as an AD Carry for Renegades and is currently competing in the North American Challenger Series.
  • He has a WCG bronze medal from 2011 after taking third place in the League tournament with a Counter Logic Gaming team that represented Canada.
  • He once streamed Hearthstone and League simultaneously.[6]
  • He once played a Hearthstone prank on TSM League coach Choi Yoon-Sup (Locodoco). Specifically, when Locodoco left his Hearthstone window open, TheOddOne opened Locodoco's Handlock deck and swapped out Loatheb for Wisp - before loading a Wisp into Locodoco's other decks.[7]
  • At the time of his retirement from competitive League of Legends, he was one of only five players to have played in every League World Championship to that point. The others were Marcus Hill (Dyrus) of Epik Gamer and TSM, Alex Chu (Xpecial) of TSM, TSM owner/mid-laner Andy Dinh (Reginald) and Bora Kim (YellowStar) of Against All Authority and Fnatic.
  • Recruited Trump and Mango for his "OddOne Adventure Game" humorous series for HyperX at PAX Prime 2014.[8]

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