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KSV eSports (Korea + Silicon Valley) is a professional esports organisation created in 2017 in collaboration between Silicon Valley and Seoul. KSV's first announced team was Seoul Dynasty, a franchise participating in the inaugural season of Overwatch League.

In October 2017, it was announced that KSV acquired the rosters of two Korean Heroes of the Storm teams - MVP Black and MVP Miracle. [1] This acquisition took effect after BlizzCon 2017, where the name MVP Black was still used. The first Heroes tournament for KSV is the 2017 Gold Club World Championship.

Due to official restrictions by Blizzard, KSV eSports was not allowed to acquire more than one team for the HGC season of 2018, therefore having to drop their roster of KSV Miracle.


  • July 12th - Franchise is officially announced, as part of the first seven franchises of the Overwatch League. [2]
  • October 24th - KSV announces that they will acquire the rosters of MVP Black and MVP Miracle after BlizzCon 2017, which ended on November 4th. [1]
  • November 28th - KSV has to drop the roster of KSV Miracle due to official sponsoring rules by Blizzard. [3]

Player Roster[edit]

Active Squad
ID Name Position Join Date
South Korea KyoCha Won Ho Jeong Flex 2017-11-05 [1]
South Korea Reset Jin Woo Im Ranged 2017-11-05 [1]
South Korea Rich Jae Won Lee Carry 2017-11-05 [1]
South Korea Sake Jung Hyuk Lee Support 2017-11-05 [1]
South Korea Ttsst Oon Sung Kang Tank 2017-11-05 [1]


ID Name Position
USA Kevin Chou Kevin Chou Owner


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