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Liquipedia relies on its staff to keep running. They do work on the wiki, work behind the scenes, and they are here to answer your questions and requests. This article aims to give you an overview, who to contact in what case.

Contact Information[edit]

In order to contact staff, either:

  • Visit our IRC channel #liquipedia on (Webchat client) recommended And give it a while if no one is replying or saying anything.
  • Write a PM on Teamliquid.
  • Write a post in the Liquipedia Feedback Thread on
  • Write on their Userpage

Duties and Services[edit]

The staff duties include, among others, the following:

  • Answering questions: You can also ask them any questions regarding Liquipedia including style, formatting and strategy disputes. A description, who to address on which matters, is given below. Specifically we will help you to adapt your content to the framework of this wiki.
  • Reviewing and accepting edits: If after while your edit has not been reviewed first: check if there might be anything wrong with it - perhaps add an explanation why you changed this. Second: Contact a staff member and ask.
  • Resolving disputes between users; if there is a dispute about how a specific page should look like, if there is disagreement about a specific build, the staff is meant to help you out and find a solution. Just contact us.

Staff Lineup and Core Competences[edit]

Name Core competences
PhiLtheFisH Templates
salle Templates, Images, Staff
FO-nTTaX Templates, General