Player transfers

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This is a list player transfers. Since the sources for these transfers are often second hand, it is not always possible to get the exact dates. If they are not available, the time a switch has been announced or the time it first has been publicly discussed can be used instead. When no specific date is known, only months and years are shown.

Please only add entries when you have a reliable source for the transfers. Note that forward-looking statements from sources using wordings such as 'will sign' can be speculative and should be dealt with accordingly. Absent formal announcement or reporting from reliable sources clearly confirming that a transfer has taken place (instead of indicating or rumoring that it will/might take place), do not add to this page.

Player transfers[edit]

Date Player Old Team New Team References
1st Quarter 2018
January 1, 2018 USA Justing Roll20 esports Team Twelve [1]
USA Buds
Canada Goku
USA Kure
USA daneski
January 5, 2018 Australia Booty
Australia Fesh
Australia JimJam
Australia Kotori
Australia Pesky
January 5, 2018 Australia Conya
Downfall Gaming [3]
Australia Flaze
Australia MagicGnom
Australia ShrekIsLove
Australia supafish
January 17, 2018 Canada Hosty Old Gods Simplicity [4]
USA erho
USA k1pro
USA KingCaffeine
USA Zuna