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[e][h]FC Schalke 04 Esports
Team Information
Krepo, André Guilhoto
Nicolas Farnir
Total Earnings:
Upcoming Matches
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Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Position Join Date
Hungary Vizicsacsi Kiss Tamás Top 2017-11-22[14]
Netherlands Pridestalker Milo Wehnes Jungle 2017-11-22[14]
Norway Nukeduck Erlend Våtevik Holm Mid 2017-11-22[14]
Germany Upset Elias Lipp ADC 2017-01-13
Poland VandeR Oskar Bogdan Support 2017-11-22[14]

Temporary Stand-Ins[edit]

Temporary stand-ins
ID Name Replacing ID Name Tournament(s)
Sweden Rudy   Rudy Beltran
GeForce Cup 2016
Norway Hatrixx  
Jørgen Elgåen
Sweden Fox Hampus Myhre GeForce Cup 2016
Belgium NightSniper   Ian de Schepper
Denmark MrRalleZ Rasmus Skinneholm GeForce Cup 2016
Denmark Visdom   Benjamin Larsen
GeForce Cup 2016


Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Germany Smittyj Lennart Warkus Top 2017-01-13 2017-09-30 H2K
Sweden Memento Jonas Elmarghichi Jungle 2017-06-06 2017-09-30
United Kingdom Caedrel Marc Robert Lamont Mid 2017-06-06 2017-09-30 H2K
Norway Norskeren Tore Hoel Eilertsen Support 2017-06-06 2017-09-30[11] Team ROCCAT
Netherlands Kadir Kadircan Mumcuoğlu Sub/Jungle 2017-06-07 2017-09-30
Serbia Nikola Senpai Nikola Đorđević Sub/Support 2017-06-07 2017-09-30
France loulex Jean-Victor Burgevin Jungle 2017-01-13 2017-05-22 G2 Esports
Poland SELFIE Marcin Wolski Mid 2017-01-13 2017-04-30 Tempo Storm
Poland VandeR Oskar Bogdan Support 2017-01-13 2017-04-30 Team Vitality
Germany FD GOD Farid El-Hajjar Sub/Mid 2017-01-27 2017-04-30
Germany Rexxx Erik Reisswig Sub/Mid 2017-01-27 2017-04-30
Europe Roster 2016
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
France Steve Etienne Michels Top 2016-05-16 2016-10-30 Paris Saint-Germain eSports
Germany Gilius Erberk Demir Jungle 2016-05-16 2016-10-14 eUnited
Sweden Fox Hampus Myhre Mid 2016-05-16 2016-11-01 eUnited
Denmark MrRalleZ Rasmus Skinneholm ADC 2016-05-16 2016-10-30 Fnatic Academy
Sweden sprattel Hampus Abrahamsson Support 2016-05-16 2016-10-14 Paris Saint-Germain eSports
Germany dexter Marcel Feldkamp Sub/Jungle 2016-05-19 2016-08-??
France Eika Jérémy Valdenaire Sub/Mid 2016-05-19 2016-08-?? Team LDLC.com
Germany Sola Nico Linke SubADC/ 2016-05-19 2016-08-??



ID Name Position Join Date
Germany Moritz Beckers-Schwarz Chief Executive Officer 2016-05-16
Germany Alexander Jobst Chief Brand Officer & Head of Marketing 2016-05-16
Germany Liq Hans Christian Dürr Head of Esports 2017-10-24
Germany Nicolas Farnir Nicolas Farnir Team Manager 2018-01-02
Belgium Krepo Mitch Voorspoels Head Coach 2017-10-24
Portugal André Guilhoto André Guilhoto Strategic Coach 2017-12-22


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
United Kingdom Veteran Michael Archer Head Coach 2017-05-22 2017-10-23
United Kingdom Veteran Michael Archer Head Coach 2017-01-13 2017-05-01
Spain Nodriza David Espinar Griñó Head Analyst 2017-01-13 Unknown
Germany Patox Christopher Gellner Manager Unknown Unknown
Germany Nyph Patrick Funke Head Coach Unknown 2017-01-13
Denmark Maelk Jacob Toft-Andersen Manager Unknown Unknown


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2018-04-08 A88th A1Premier EU LCS EU LCS Spring 2018 -/-/- Grp. S. $0
2017-08-25 A22nd A7Qualifier EU LCS EU LCS Spring Promotion 2017 3 : 0 $0
2017-08-06 A11st-2nd A2Major EU CS EU CS Summer 2017 3 : 1 $13,981
2017-03-19 A33 - 4th A2Major EU CS EU CS Spring 2017 1 : 3 $7,528
2016-08-28 A88th A1Premier EU LCS EU LCS Summer 2016 3/9/6 Grp. S. $0
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