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World Player Team Role Role 2

China Rain DPS
Taiwan SereNity Manager
South Korea Geguri Tank
Sweden Epzz Support
Japan Saih4tE
Spain R0IV Tank & Support
Philippines Zyrille Support
Portugal Addicted Off-Tank
USA GrimReality DPS
Japan Nico DPS
Sweden Zebbosai Support
USA juv3nile Tank
Canada train Flex
Taiwan S1nkler Support
Brazil Fastie
Japan SamuraiD Flex
South Korea Oparochi
Sweden SharP DPS
Germany Veineless
Australia Bim
Sweden Snizzlenose DPS
Italy Lollao Support
Italy fighteR Flex
Sweden LullSiSH Tank
USA Aythen Support
France daemoN Coach
Spain NiwOr Tank
Ireland FlexG DPS
South Korea Le1gend Tank
China MoLanLan Flex
South Korea Closer Support
France Kyb Support
Sweden ryb Tank
United Kingdom MikeyA DPS
USA Mikado Support
South Korea Fearless Tank
South Korea Sayaplayer DPS
South Korea Asher DPS
Spain minicunga Support/Flex
Brazil pizzalover
New Zealand CantuS Support
Hungary tomzeY Support
South Korea Recry DPS
USA Hyped Flex
South Korea Daemin DPS
South Korea Neko Support
China guxue Tank
South Korea Profit DPS
Canada Chance Coach/Tank
USA silkthread DPS
China MG Tank
USA sinatraa DPS
South Korea Hoon Flex
South Korea ArHaN DPS
USA Cloneman16 Tank
USA Del Flex
Norway Fresh Flex
Taiwan Restya Support
China Jin Tank
China DD Support
Denmark SpoXez Flex, DPS
South Korea ryujehong Support
China Rikka Tank
USA RinaVX Flex
USA babybay Flex
Finland LhCloudy Tank
USA Seagull Flex
South Korea tobi Support
South Korea Lucid Support
Sweden Pug Support
USA Dahun Support
China ReckfuL Tank
South Korea Carpe DPS
USA BreadExpert Support
French Polynesia Mini Assistant Coach
Canada Bani Support
South Korea Beom
Finland Ube DPS/Flex
Canada Chayne Tank
United Kingdom Cuddles Coach
USA Aero Coach
China Eileen DPS
Puerto Rico iRemiix Tank
Spain PoPiFresH DPS
Croatia aRxEs
Denmark Nerfdd Tank
China over Tank
Brazil Kyo Tank
USA Kayuun DPS
Belgium ythnk Support/Coach
Australia Aetar DPS
China HuaMao Coach
USA Avast Support
Australia Ckm DPS
USA sleepy Support
Iceland Hafficool DPS/Flex
Sweden chipshajen Support
South Korea Janus Tank