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World Player Team Role Role 2

China Century Support
South Korea ANAMO Support
Japan SABAGOD Support
France Kirby Coach
South Korea Ado DPS
Switzerland Nadir
China OnlyWish Support
South Korea HaGoPeun Support
Japan Jasper
Finland elfi Coach
South Korea DoHyeon
Japan Aktm DPS
South Korea OneFact DPS
South Korea Daemin DPS
Singapore Ace DPS
South Korea Miro Tank
Japan Ynnnnnnn DPS
China MoLanLan Flex
Norway Decod Tank
Japan yamatoN
South Korea Quatermain Support
USA RaptorZ Coach
Finland BigGoose Support
Russia Norgac Tank
Sweden ottr Offtank, Hitscan
China guxue Tank
South Korea ThornCut Tank
Portugal mowzassa Tank
China Nai8 Support
South Korea ArHaN DPS
Canada NotE Flex
South Korea AMY Support
China Freefeel Support
China Mingyue Tank
France Flippy DPS
South Korea Pumple
China WinWinQ Support
South Korea BERNAR
South Korea Saebyeolbe DPS
USA Clockwork DPS
South Korea Munchkin DPS
USA mykL DPS / Flex
France Lanf3ust Coach/Manager
USA GrimReality DPS
France HyP Support
South Korea Janus Tank
Finland Shaz Support
USA Dogman Support
France BenBest Tank
France Veteranjr Flex
USA Avast Support
South Korea Stitch DPS
Finland Zuppeh Support
Denmark Mono Support
South Korea NoSmite tank
France aKm DPS
South Korea Bumper Support / Flex
South Korea HOTBA Flex
Brazil Hooey DPS
Iceland Finnsi Flex
Sweden Ryskaposten
Germany Eissfeldt DPS/Flex
South Korea iDK Support
USA dummy Support
South Korea Panker Tank
South Korea Luffy Support
USA zombs DPS
Mexico nomy Tank
South Korea r2der Coach
Netherlands Dante Flex
Sweden Graceful DPS/Flex
Puerto Rico iRemiix Tank
USA Shrugger DPS
South Korea JIN Tank
South Korea KoX Support/Flex
Latvia sharyk Tank
Sweden Mineral Coach
Belgium Baud Support
South Korea NUS Support
South Korea Undine Support
Sweden bock1 Support
Spain neptuNo Support
New Zealand CantuS Support
Denmark BALLOC Off-Tank
Spain Networkz
South Korea Hyeonu Support
USA McGravy DPS/Flex
South Korea Hoon Flex
South Korea Crusty Coach
Finland prettyWise Tank
Finland nil DPS
Finland Exceed DPS
Australia Grafix Support
South Korea Arcane
Iceland Aseal Tank
Brazil pizzalover
South Korea Guardian Flex
South Korea Fissure Tank