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November 4, 2016 — New character Sombra announced at BlizzCon 2016
July 19, 2016 — New character Ana and balance changes.

Patch 1.10 went live.

June 28 2016 — Competitive mode released on PC.

Competitive mode was anounced on the official Overwatch Twitter on June 28th.

June 14, 2016 — A balance patch is released

The patch features nerfs to McCree and Widowmaker as well as bug fixes.

May 24, 2016 — Overwatch Released!

Overwatch was released on May 24th.

April 5, 2016 — New patch

Competitive Play! The new game mode was added bringing a new competitive format, including new skins, and few more tweaks to heroes and maps. Read more...

March 22, 2016 — New patch

Another patch introduces a new payload map called Route 66. Additionally, achievements are added as well as a new gamemode in Weekly Brawl. There have also been changes to highlights, maps and hero balance. Read more...

March 17, 2016 — Animated short incoming

The first animated short is announced and its name is "Recall". It tells the story of Winston. The short premier will be on March 21 at 21:00 CET. Read more...

March 8, 2016 — New patch

A new patch bringing a new control map: Ilios. Along with it, few hero changes and some modifications on Temple of Anubis as well as Numbani. Read more...

March 7, 2016 — Release Date announced!

Overwatch release date is set for May 24, 2016. There will also be an early access beta for those who prepurchased the game, and an open beta in early May. Read more...

March 1, 2016 — New patch

Once again, hero balances and bug fixes, including some tweaks on Loot Boxes. Additionaly, players from Australia, South America, and Southest Asia will no longer experience long queue times. Read more...

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Old News[edit]


February 18, 2016 — Bugs? Got 'em!

Hero balances and bug fixes were released this week, including some revert changes from February 9th patch. Read more...

February 9, 2016 — The closed beta starts back up!

The Overwatch beta returns, with a new Control game mode, new maps Lijiang Tower and Nepal, a progression system with in game cosmetics rewards, and a large balance update. Read more...

February 2, 2016 — Closed beta will soon return!

Blizzard announces the return of closed beta. On February 9th the game returns featuring a brand-new progression system, new maps and a new game mode, as well as several hero balance updates. Read more...


January 21, 2016 — Beta break update

The closed beta downtime has been extended to mid February, however when the beta is back it will have a new game mode. Read more...

December 10, 2015 — Beta going on break

A downtime commences for analysis and future improvements to the game, as well as continuing to work on in-development features like spectating and progression. The access is presumed to be back online sometime in mid-to-late January. Read more...

November 20, 2015 — New Patch
  • The “Rate This Player” UI now clearly indicates which options are Negative, Neutral, or Positive.
  • Genji's Swift Strike impact damage has been slightly increased and Damage-over-time effect has been removed.
  • Mei can no longer gain ultimate charge while Blizzard is active.
  • Mercy resurrect effect now happens at the start of the cast time, instead of the end (reverting the change to Resurrect made in November 9 patch).
  • Widowmaker Scoped shot damage has been slightly reduced, Scoped shots will now consume 3 bullets instead of 1. Read more...
November 18, 2015 — New Patch
  • Changes to the matchmaker.
  • Mei will no longer stack her freeze.
  • Fixed several client-side crashes.
November 17, 2015 — New Patch
  • Changes to the matchmaker.
  • Skirmish now lasts 30 minutes.
  • New loadscreen for skirmishes
  • Bugfix that could cause Play of the Game from D.Va to show the wrong game portion. Read more...
November 10, 2015 — Undocumented patch
November 6, 2015 — BlizzCon announcements
  • Three new heroes: Mei, Genji, and D.Va were announced.
  • A new map was announced: Hollywood.
  • Game launch Spring 2016 and Box price from 40 USD and up.
October 27, 2015 — The Overwatch Beta begins.