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Random list of 100 retired players/coaches/commentators etc.
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World Player Team Role Role 2

China 23 Retired Tank
USA Darksma Retired Flex DPS
Canada AZK Retired
China Baom1hua Retired Coach
China wuliD Retired Tank
China Akun Retired DPS
China mAps Retired DPS
China mEm0ry Retired DPS
China Leser Retired Support
Portugal SanALex Offense/Allround
USA hotsforshots
USA DaHanG Retired Support
South Korea Luna Retired Support
China hanhan Retired Tank
Brazil prod Retired
China Fear Retired DPS
China S Retired Tank
China Tresor Retired Tank
China XiaoS Retired Tank
China Frisky Retired Support
China Tian Retired Tank
Taiwan EDIBOSS Retired
China Saury Retired Tank
China Linkin Retired Support
China Roy Retired DPS
South Korea Sylph Retired
China YongBan Retired Support
China LittleCat Retired Support
China zz1 Retired Tank
China Sun Retired DPS
China AmuM2m Retired Support
China NccCc Retired Tank
China Nicco Retired Tank
USA deBett Tank
China Kenny Retired DPS
China TongZ Retired DPS
China 700 Retired Flex
China Kuzan Retired Support
China alan Retired DPS
China GnTHM Retired Support
China DZHB Retired Flex
China Muggle Retired DPS
USA Grego
China Tian Retired Tank
China Aluka Retired Tank
China Riddle Retired DPS
Mexico Dcop Retired
China ChiAk1 Retired DPS
Brazil powah
China XiaoJue Retired Flex
China Hibiki Retired DPS
Japan keisuke3 Support
China Masami Retired Support
China YangX1aoLg Retired DPS
China FateHolder Retired DPS
China GetlefT Retired DPS
China LanDo Retired Support
China xbg Retired Flex
Finland kepa DPS
USA rapha Support/Flex
Germany Sanchez Support
China Max Retired Flex
China Pangge Retired Tank
USA yeHHH Retired Offtank
China RMe Retired Tank
Sweden Hysterica
Spain ToxikeN Retired Flex
Japan Pepper DPS
China 930 Retired DPS
China Yuki Retired Support
China beike Retired DPS
China Key Retired DPS
Sweden Eure DPS
China Neo Retired Tank
USA reaver DPS
Netherlands TwoEasy Retired
China tenight Retired Support
China bone Retired Support
China Dec12th Retired DPS
Canada steel DPS
China Troll Retired Tank
China Billyo Retired Support
China Perse Retired DPS
South Korea Curious Retired DPS
France Strenx Retired Support / DPS
China Mozz Retired Tank
Spain KRYP DPS/Flex
China Google Retired DPS
USA Minstrel Support
China flood Retired DPS
China SOMEONE Retired Tank
China Duoduo Retired Support
Belarus Clozz Tank
China S01D Retired Flex
Portugal Ins DPS
China Aixi Retired DPS
Spain Winghaven Retired Tank