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Rumble is the 4th game mode added to Rocket League, and the second one played competitively on the highest level. It was added to online and offline private matches in Patch 1.22 on September 8th 2016.[1]. It is similiar to the Soccar gamemode in that the goal is to score with a ball on the opposition goal using your car. The difference between the modes is that every 10 seconds in Rumble you get a power-up. You can then choose to use the power-up whenever you want. After you are done using your power-up, or a goal has been scored, the 10 seconds counter restarts. You will lose the power-up you have when a goal is scored. If a goal is scored in the last 10 seconds of the game the counter will be adjusted so everyone gets their power-up one second before the time is out. Rumble is also one of the mutator settings.


  • Magnetizer - pulls the ball towards the player
  • Boot - boots one of the opposing players
  • Haymaker - punches the ball
  • Tornado - creates a tornado around the user which will launsh other players or the ball if they are close enough
  • Grappling Hook - pulls the player towards the ball, if the ball is moving at supersonic speed the player will not get closer
  • Power Hitter - lets the user hit the ball much harder thatn normal, demolishes opposition players on impact
  • Disruptor - makes an opposition player unable to turn of boost for some seconds
  • Plunger - pulls the ball towards the player
  • Spike - makes the ball stick to the player if they touch
  • Freezer - freezes the ball for some seconds
  • Swapper - lets the player swap place with an opposing player

Mutator Settings[edit]

  • Default
  • Slow - 20 seconds cooldown instead of 10
  • Civilized - No Boot, Tornado, Disruptor or Swapper
  • Destruction Derby - No Magnetizer, Haymaker, Grappling Hook, Plunger, Spike or Freezer
  • Spring Loaded - 20 seconds cooldown, only Boot and Haymaker


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