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[e][h]Sheik Captain Jack
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Ryota Yoshida
January 23, 1985 (1985-01-23) (age 33)
V3 Esports
Approx. Total Winnings:
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Sheik Sheik
Dr. Mario Dr. Mario, Ganondorf Ganondorf
MLG San Francisco 2004
2017-12-06 — Present

Ryota "Captain Jack" Yoshida is a Sheik player who, between 2002 and 2008, was considered one of the best players in Japan and one of the best players in the world.[1] On his blog, he talks about both his personal history with the game and the history of Smash in Japan.


Captain Jack started playing Smash 64 on January 21st, 1999. Before Smash 64 came out, he used to play other fighting games, such as Street Fighter II and Vampire Savior. One day, CaptainJack for something relating to Smash on the Internet. He immediately found some websites and boards where people talked about Smash, and started joining the conversation. One day, him and Thunders, another Pokémon player from the region Kansai (West Japan) that he met online, had an appointment to meet together in Kyoto. Thunders was also a Smash player. They agreed to go to an "off-kai" together, which means an offline-meeting in Japanese, to a player's house in Osaka. In that off-kai, they did a round-robin and CaptainJack won every match. [2]

Captain Jack made his first appearance in the US at Tournament Go 6 in August 2004. He took second place, winning against ChuDat and winning one set but losing twice to Azen. At MLG San Francisco 2004, the following month, he took first after defeating Isai and Ken. Shortly afterwards, he attended Tournament Go 6, where he finished second after losing to Azen. In 2005 he made appearances at @M in Melbourne, Australia, and at Dutch Tournament 10 in the Netherlands, both of which he finished first. The same year, he hosted and took 7th place at Jack Garden Tournament, a national tournament in Japan, which featured American players such as Ken and Isai.

After other international appearances at XTC3, JST5, Zero Challenge 2, and Epita Smash Arena 2, he became inactive in February 2008. He made a brief reappearance at Apex 2012, where he failed to make it out of round 2 pools and played an infamous exhibition set against Isai, in which Isai sandbagged until he was 4-stocked in his first reappearance in Melee in years. Around this time Captain Jack studied in France, lived in Finland and Portugal, and also backpacked the entire continent of Africa from Cape Town to Cairo.[citation needed] He returned to Japan around 2014 and he sporadically attended Melee and Smash 4 tournaments.

He picked up Melee again in April 2016. He now lives in Finland with his wife.[1]

On December 6, 2017, he was picked up by V3 Esports.[3]


Date Place Event Result Prize
2017-02-19 C149 - 64th B.E.A.S.T 7 1 : 2 Canadaministry
2016-11-19 B717 - 24th Kickstart 13 0 : 2 United KingdomDeathgazer
2016-10-23 B725 - 32nd Eclipse 2 1 : 3 NorwayFlikkflakk
2014-08-31 A59 - 12th Battle GateWay 5 JapanK.F
2008-02-24 A22nd Epita Smash Arena 2 Sheik 3 : 4 NetherlandsSheikAmsah $1,186.68
2006-08-17 A57 - 8th Zero Challenge 2 Ganondorf 1 : 2 USAIce ClimbersChuDat
2006-04-16 A11st X-Treme Championship 3 NetherlandsSheikAmsah
2006-03-06 A11st Dutch Tournament 10 NetherlandsFoxRemen
2005-08-20 A57 - 8th Jack Garden Tournament ZZZZZZZZ
2005-02-14 A11st 2004 MLG San Francisco USACaptain FalconIsai
2005-02-14 A11st @M AustraliaSheikKupo
2004-10-24 A33rd 2004 MLG New York USACaptain FalconIsai
2004-08-22 A22nd Tournament Go 6 Dr MarioSheik 4 : 2
1 : 4

Melee Rankings[edit]


Ranking Series Rank
RetroSSBMRank 2004 2