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Liquipedia Community Portal

This Portal brings together the important parts of the community.

Smashboards Smashboards is a forum where there are a multitude of topics, and discussion abounds. You can come here to find anything from discussion to tournament listings to news concerning the Smash scene.
The Super Smash Bros. subreddit This is the leading subreddit for anything related to Super Smash Bros. It's well maintained and is a discussion hub for casual and competitive players alike.
The Super Smash Bros. Melee subreddit This is the leading subreddit focused on Melee. It has quite strict guidelines and is becoming popular.
Facebook Melee Social Once again, another discussion heavy page. However, it's chock full of anything purely Melee related (although with some other items on the side).
Melee It On Me Website Official site of the podcast and community platform Melee It On Me.
Melee It On Me Facebook group A discussion-heavy Facebook group that focuses on Melee current events.