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In this Portal you can find all the information you need about Super Smash Bros. Melee players.

Highlighted Players[edit]

  • USA Marth Ken - A Marth player who dominated the tournament scene from 2003 until his retirement in 2007, which earned him the nickname "The King of Smash". He has recently joined Team Liquid and has started competing again.
  • USA Sheik Marth Fox Mew2King - Sheik, Marth, and Fox player sponsored by Echo Fox. Mew2King became one of the best Melee players of all time. Famous for studying Frame Data and playing the game at an absurd level of technical skill, earning him the nickname "The Robot".
  • Sweden Peach Fox Armada - A Peach and Fox player from Sweden who is famous for exploring the character's potential, and is now dominating the competitive scene. Member of Alliance.
  • Japan Yoshi aMSa - aMSa, from Japan, is the first Smash Player to represent /r/SmashBros and is a member of the VGBC professional team. aMSa stands out by playing Yoshi, a B tier character.
  • USA Jigglypuff Hungrybox - Hungrybox has been recognized as the best Puff player in Smash, and remains one of the Five Gods.
  • Sweden Fox Leffen - Leffen is one of the best Fox mains in the world, he is the only player to ever take a set off of all of the Five Gods and has earned the title of "The Godslayer".