Smash Summit 6

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[e][h]Smash Summit 6
Tournament Information
USA Los Angeles
Prize pool:
Doubles prize pool:
Start Date:
May 3, 2018
End Date:
May 6, 2018
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Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Doubles Players:

Smash Summit 6 is a tournament hosted by Beyond the Summit (BTS) that will feature eight invited players, two players who qualified from Full Bloom 4, and six players voted in by the community. This is the sixth iteration of the tournament series.


Beyond the Summit aims to create a "behind the scenes" oriented tournament, inspired by TakeTV's Homestory Cup in StarCraft 2, where the fans can see sides of their favorite players that they don't normally get to see. To achieve this the tournament is held at the BTS House in Los Angeles, where the crew currently lives and works.

The two highest placing non-invited players at Full Bloom 4 filled the qualifier slots for this event. n0ne and SFAT both qualified with a 5-6th place finish.

Prize Pool[edit]

A $10,000 USD prize pool was announced for singles, and a $5,000 USD prize pool was announced for doubles.[1] Through crowdfunding, the singles prize pool has been increased to $12,453 USD, and the doubles prize pool has been increased to $5,917 USD.


Invited Players
USA Jigglypuff Hungrybox
Sweden Peach Fox Armada
USA Falco Fox Mango
USA Sheik Marth Fox Mew2King
USA Sheik Fox Plup
Sweden Fox Leffen
USA Pikachu Axe
USA Captain Falcon Wizzrobe
Crowdfunded Players
USA Falco Westballz
USA Samus HugS
USA Jigglypuff 2saint
Japan Yoshi aMSa
USA Falco Ginger
USA Marth Zain
Qualified Players
Nicaragua Captain Falcon n0ne

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