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Team Information

Team Heir is a UK-based tournament organisation team founded in January 2014. With over 5 years of international tournament organisation experience, Team Heir held Heir II The Throne, the second largest European tournament ever. The event itself was praised for its organisation and was regarded as the best European tournament ever.[1] On March 22nd, 2015, they sponsored their first player, Jam, and on May 12th it was announced that reaper would also be joining the team until Heir II The Throne.[2] It was later announced on Twitter that he would continue to play for Team Heir.[3] On August 19th, 2016, Trifasia won The Contract at Heir 3 which meant he got a sponsorship deal from Team Heir.[4] Trifasia left Team Heir on July 5, 2017 as his contract ended.[5]

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Main Alternate Join Date 2015 2016 2017
Germany reaper Jozsef Ozorai Marth 2015-05-12 B725 - 32nd Heir II the Throne A513 - 16th B.E.A.S.T 6
United Kingdom Jam Jamie Jahanpour Fox 2015-03-22 C149 - 64th Get On My Level 2016


ID Name Main Alternate Join Date Leave Date Moved To 2015 2016 2017
Spain Trifasia Alvaro Garcia Peach 2016-08-19 2017-07-05 ZZZZZ A55 - 6th Heir 3 Eclipse 2 A33rd HFLAN Melee Edition 2017


ID Name
England Kone Tournament Organizer, Management
England Calzum Tournament Organizer, Social Media
England Brado Tournament Organizer, Social Media
England Bloodbowler Tournament Organizer
England Smo Data, Tournament Organizer
Wales Dan Soup Graphics, Videography, Social Media, Data, Tournament Organizer
England X1 Tournament Organizer, Management
England R23 Tournament Organizer


Country Tournament Date Games
United Kingdom Heir To The Throne August 29th - 31st 2014 Smash 64, Melee, Project M, Brawl
United Kingdom Rose Villa Smash March 22nd 2015 Melee, Project M
United Kingdom Rose Villa Smash 2 April 26nd 2015 Melee, Project M, Smash 4
United Kingdom Heir 2 The Throne August 14th - 17th 2015 Melee, Project M
United Kingdom Heir 3 August 19th - 21st 2016 Melee, Project M
United Kingdom Origin June 3rd 2017 Melee
United Kingdom Heir 4 August 18th - 20th 2017 Melee