2010 Korean Air OSL/Results and Standings (Group Stage (Ro16))

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Group Selection[edit]

Initial Procedure[edit]

Players 5 through 16 in turn randomly draw for TWO groups that they can move to, and then decide which one they want to join. The 16th player simply goes to whichever spot is left.

Changes by Seeds[edit]

In part two, the four seeded players have to make a choice. Before the event the seeds 2-4 nominated a non-seeded player who was written on a golden ball. Now they have the right to:

  1. Take that player to their group, giving back a player of their choice.
  2. Take any other player (non-seed) to their group. This time, however, the seed-holder of the other group will decide who gets traded back.

The top seed (Flash) may finally choose to swap any player in his group for any player in another group, without the above restrictions.

Initial Group Picks[edit]

Temporary Groups[edit]

Changes by Seeds[edit]

Final Groups[edit]

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Flash Movie Calm Shine
Kwanro Hwasin Pure go.go
hyvaa Stork ZerO Effort
Kal BaBy fantasy fOrGG

Qualified Players[edit]

Seeded from last OSL: (1)  Flash, (2)  Movie, (3)  Calm, (4)  Shine

Qualified from Ro36:

go.go, Hwasin, FanTaSy, fOrGG, BaBy
Kwanro, EffOrt, hyvaa, ZerO
Stork, Kal, Pure

Group Standings[edit]

Final Group Standings
Place Group A W-L Group B W-L Group C W-L Group D W-L
1. Terran Flash 2–1 Protoss Movie 2–1 Zerg ZerO 3–0 Terran fOrGG 3–0
2. Protoss Kal 2–1 Terran BaBy 2–1 Protoss Pure* 1–2 Zerg EffOrt* 1–2
3. Zerg Kwanro 1–2 Terran Hwasin 1–2 Zerg Calm 1–2 Zerg Shine 1–2
4. Zerg hyvaa 1–2 Protoss Stork 1–2 Terran Fantasy 1–2 Terran go.go 1–2

*Advanced by tiebreaker

Detailed Results[edit]