9 Gas, 10 Pool (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h]Zerg 9 Gas, 10 Pool
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The purpose of this build is to get as much gas as possible while getting a second Hatchery so that you have enough larvae to use the gas. In order to get a second Hatchery fast enough this build becomes very tight on resources, leaving little room for to pressure your opponent early on. As such this build order can be risky vs fast expo builds. This build is best on maps where bases are far away by land so that it is safe against 9 Pool, but close enough by air to be able to stop a fast expo build with Mutalisks before their second gas kicks in.

Build Order[edit]

  • 9/9 - Overlord
  • @50 Minerals - Extractor
  • 10/17 - Spawning Pool
  • 12/17 - Save Larvae
  • 12/17 - Lair
  • 14/17 - Hatchery (will be indefinitely delayed vs 9 Pool)
  • @100% Lair - Spire
  • 17/17 - Two Overlords (or 1 if you plan on having a Zergling skirmish)
  • @100% Spire - Six Mutalisks (possibly some Scourge depending on minerals)

What to do/Build Order Clarification[edit]

Vs. 9 Pool[edit]

The largest threat against 9 pool is them breaking your ramp with their first 6 Zerglings. On many maps they may be able to get up your ramp before your Zerglings are out. So if you scout it early you may wish to make another Drone at 12 supply and respond with a Sunken Colony, but beware of them doing a Sunken rush outside of the range of your first Sunken. In that case you need to make a second Sunken that is in a more vulnerable position but covers all of your creep. If he all-ins like this, leave only 1 or no Drones mining after your Spire starts until your Mutalisks start or you deflect the rush. Against a Sunken rush you probably won't be able to afford a second Hatchery at all, so there is no point in having more gas than you can use.

If you don't get a Sunken you might be able to get 4 Zerglings at your ramp by the time his 6 Zerglings arrive, so pull 1 or 2 Drones and use an Overlord to hold position them behind a straight line of your 4 Zerglings at the top of the ramp. The Drones have a slight range which should make it hard for him to break your ramp.

If you survive until your Mutalisks are out your gas/larvae advantage should give you a big lead.

Vs. Overpool[edit]

Pretty much the same as against 9 Pool, except you may not have as big of a lead as vs. 9 Pool and you shouldn't have to worry about a ramp break with the first 6 Zerglings.

With an Overpool they will have their Spire sooner and they may be able to finish a second Hatchery right as their Spire finishes, giving them 4 Larvae. Their Spire is early enough that on most maps they will be able to get Scourge to your main as your Mutalisks pop, which may put you in a bad spot.

In any case, if he tries to expo with his second Hatch at any point, try to match his Mutalisks while using your earlier second Hatch to outproduce him in Zerglings to try and kill the expo.

Vs. 12 Pool[edit]

Assuming your opponent goes for a fast expansion, start ling speed after starting your second Hatchery. Afterwards, make nothing but Zerglings until your Spire is at 150-200 HP (and make that Overlord) to save for Mutalisks. If he doesn't fast expo with either 12 Pool or 12 Hatch then all you have to do is survive until Mutalisks and he will never be able to catch up in gas.

If he makes less Zerglings than you, be very aggressive. If he manages to get enough Drones so that he can survive the first Mutalisk wave and start a second gas, then you will probably lose. If he makes more Zerglings than you and just defend until your Mutalisks are out; he shouldn't have enough economy to start his second gas, while you have a large gas advantage.

Vs. 12 Hatch[edit]

Do the same thing as vs. 12 Pool except this time you will have to deal damage to him or else his economy will be strong enough to get his second gas when his Spire is starting. Abuse your earlier Zergling speed as much as possible, and if he leaves his ramp/choke don't hesitate to run 3-4 Zerglings into his main and screw up his mining/kill a few Drones. However, if he goes speed before Lair to shut down Zergling aggression or try to break your ramp, then his Spire should be so late he will need Spores, letting you catch up in economy and take an expansion.

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