Ajae League Season 2

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[e][h]Ajae League Season 2
League Information
GoRush, FireBatHero
South Korea 
Double Elimination
Prize pool:
₩5,200,000 (≃ $4,680 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


Ajae League Season 2 is a team league featuring exclusively veteran players of the StarCraft Brood War scene. The league was organized by former CJ Entus, SKT T1 legend, GoRush and sponsored by the livestreaming company AfreecaTV.[1] The original tournament was run and organized by former Samsung KHAN legend firebathero. firebathero had been running the original Ajae League for months with a slightly different format prior to the one organized by GoRush. The primary idea in both versions was to involve the game's older generation of former players, featuring names such as Garimto and ClouD.

The draft selection was held on May 28, 2017 on a broadcast on AfreecaTV[2]. And the first match is scheduled to take place on June 5, 2017.

The Grand Finals will be held offline at the AfreecaTV Studio [3]

Tournament Information[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

₩5,200,000 KRW (~$4,680) is to be awarded to the top placing teams per the distribution below[4]:

Place $ USD KRW Team
1st $ 2,250 ₩ 2,500,000 TBD
2nd $ 1,350 ₩ 1,500,000 TBD
3rd $ 540 ₩ 600,000 TBD
4th $ 540 ₩ 600,000 TBD


Protoss Protoss (8) Terran Terran (6) Zerg Zerg (2)
South Korea Rock South Korea NaDa South Korea HyuN
South Korea Jangbi South Korea PianO South Korea ggaemo
South Korea Nal_rA South Korea ClouD  —
South Korea ZeuS South Korea Ginyuda  —
South Korea free South Korea firebathero  —
South Korea Stork South Korea IriS  —
South Korea Rainbow  —  —
South Korea Pusan  —  —


Double Elimination Matches are played as Best of Five.

  • Three 1v1s
  • One 2v2
  • Ace Match 1v1

Map Pool[edit]

Ride of Valkyries Fortress SE 815 III Neo Requiem Tau Cross Rush Hour 3
Ride of Valkyries Fortress 815 (Map) Requiem Tau Cross Rush Hour

Monty Hall Neo Aztec Blue Storm Into the Darkness 2 Neo Medusa Luna
Monty Hall Aztec Blue Storm Into the Darkness Medusa Luna

Player Roster[edit]

Team ClouD Team Zeus Team Nal_rA Team Ginyuda
South Korea  ClouD South Korea  Zeus South Korea  Nal_rA South Korea  Ginyuda
South Korea  NaDa South Korea  free South Korea  Jangbi South Korea  Pusan
South Korea  Stork South Korea  Rock South Korea  ggaemo South Korea  Firebathero
South Korea  PianO South Korea  Hyun South Korea  Rainbow South Korea  IriS


Round Robin[edit]

Round Robin
June 05, 2017 - 19:00 KSTcjfals28
1. South Korea Team Ginyuda 2-1 10-7
2. South Korea Team ZeuS 2-1 9-7
3. South Korea Team Nal_rA 1-2 8-8
4. South Korea Team ClouD 1-2 5-10
Week 1 Match 1[edit]
Team ClouD 4 2 Team Ginyuda
Week 1 Match 2[edit]
Team ZeuS 4 2 Team Nal_rA
Week 2 Match 1[edit]
Team ZeuS 4 1 Team ClouD
Week 2 Match 2[edit]
Team Nal_rA 2 4 Team Ginyuda
Week 3 Match 1[edit]
Team Nal_rA 4 0 Team ClouD
Week 3 Match 2[edit]
Team Ginyuda 4 1 Team ZeuS

Playoff Bracket[edit]

Playoff Match 1[edit]
0 0
Playoff Match 2[edit]
0 0

Grand Final[edit]

0 0



Live broadcasts:


Ajae (pronounced ah-jay) is Korean slang which means middle-aged man. It is mostly used in a slightly derogatory sense. They are poking fun at themselves for being old. All participants are over 30 in age and have completed military service (with the exception of HyuN). This is their criteria for being an "ajae".[5]