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[e][h]Random Gadianton
Player Information
Jarom "Jay" Severson
IN, DeathRow
Alternate IDs:
D23-Gad, SSC-Paperboyee, Bangl^Ke

Jay "Gadianton" Severson is a retired StarCraft progamer from United States who largely played random, or race-picked. Gad considered Protoss his strongest race[1]

Gadianton played StarCraft competitively for about 2 1/2 years from the release of the game until late 2000. His victory at the 1998 PGL Season 3 secured him a sponsorship contract with Logitech.[2]

Gadianton was one of the few foreign players selected to go to Korea in 1999 to compete in the Sports Seoul Tournament for first place price of $26,000, along with Grrrr..., Everlast, and soso, with whom Gadianton has a close friendship. Logitech paid for the trip and all expenses. Gadianton finished in top 16.

Gadianton would note in 2005 that he had become a software engineer and did web development work.[3]

Some of his tournament achievements include:

Place Year Event/League
A11st 1998 Professional Gamers League season 3[4][5]