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Blizzard, Sir.Lupin, i_terran, Drunken Bird
Spawn Positions:
2 at 2,8
Competition Span:
Apr – Nov 2003


Gauntlet was released by Blizzard Entertainment for ladder play with the 1.03 patch on October 13th, 1998. Ten days later, the edited version New Gauntlet was released as Blizzard's Map of the Week.[1]

Gauntlet 2003 and its successor Gauntlet TG were used in the two MSLs of the 2003 season. The map is notable in that it is one of the few maps, if not the only one, that changed tilesets and sizes across versions. Gauntlet 2003, just like the two former versions of the map, was based on the Badlands tileset and was 128×96, but Gauntlet TG changed that to the Desert tileset and became 128×128. The change in tilesets was probably to take advantage of the slightly wider bridges of the Desert tileset than the narrow, long ones of the Badlands tileset. Another notable feature is the shift in balance from the 2003 to the TG version. On the 2003 version, Terran won the majority of games against Zerg, but on the TG version, that statistic was reversed.

Notable Features[edit]

Note: The notable features refer to the TG version of this map.

  • Protected Expansion - There is a protected expansion with gas. It is extremely hard for the opponent to access this expansion.
  • High Ground - There are two plateaus on this map with a mineral only expansion on top.
  • Bridges - The map is littered with bridges that allows a player to set up a flank maneuver easily.


Note: The changes listed below are changes from the version released prior to it.

New Gauntlet[edit]

  • The gas of the top right and bottom left expansions were removed and two additional mineral patches were added in each of those two expansions.
  • A gas was added and two mineral patches were removed in the top left and bottom right expansions.
  • A mineral patch was moved in the topmost of the two expansions at the middle of the map.
  • Small terrain change in bottom right expansion.

Gauntlet 2003[edit]

  • A third bridge added to the bottom right and top left expansion.
  • Mineral patches and gases moved in all expansions and both starting locations.
  • Choke added near the starting location.
  • Ramp added leading down from the high ground connected to the starting locations.
  • Terrain changes.

Gauntlet TG[edit]

  • The map was changed to a size of 128x128.
  • The map was changed to the Desert tileset.
  • The high ground leading out of the main base was reworked.
  • The gas geyser of the protected expansion behind the main that had been removed in New Gauntlet was once again added.
  • Two plateaus with mineral only expansion on them were added to the middle of the map.
  • Mineral positions at all expansions were reworked.
  • One mineral patch was added to the 5 and 11 expansions.

Map Version Images[edit]

Notable Games[edit]