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우상희 (Str18-02)
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Spawn Positions:
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Competition Span:
Nov 2010 – current
Leagues Featured:


Gladiator is one of the new maps for the 2010 Bacchus OSL.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Low Ground Mains - Low ground mains, encouraging players to move out early in order to avoid being contained
  • Ring of Ridges - Ring of triangle shaped ridges around the map

Notable Games[edit]

Notable Game
Gladiator Russia  Ramms Finals of Defiler Tour 22, Set 1
USA  Michael
Date: 2011-05-06
Patch: 1.16.1 Replay

Protoss FE wall-ins[edit]

Terran wall-ins[edit]


Terran vs. Zerg Zerg vs. Protoss Protoss vs. Terran Mirrors
Map # Σ Terran Zerg Terran % Σ Zerg Protoss Zerg % Σ Protoss Terran Protoss % Terran Zerg Protoss
GladiatorGladiator    176 36 18 18 50% 51 30 21 59% 39 24 15 62% 12 25 8