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[e][h]Protoss Grummel
Player Information
Nico Wendt
Alternate IDs:
GoT), ivy

Nico "Grummel" Wend was a German Protoss player. Although he has been a very solid player and member of the German A Team, he is most known as the German equivalent to Day(9)

Grummel started as an audio commentator in 2002 when bandwidth was still a luxury. He commentated various events that focused more on prestige than pay-outs, such as Nation Wars. From 2003 onward he was often invited as a guest commentator and community expert for the German Giga TV broadcasting station where he analyzed games and tried to cope with the head moderators' lack of strategic understanding. In 2004, invited Grummel and his partner Elmo to cover their Brood War events.

Outside of major events, Grummel always tried to include the community as much as he could; During Giga Grand Slam's qualification phase he motivated players to mass game as much as he could, rallied players from the international scene to abuse the voting system of Giga E-Sports and others to promote Brood War events as adamantly as possible.

Grummel was infamous for his more lenient style of commentating. He was able to mix his deep strategic analysis with a lot of anecdotes from his own career, such as interviews or insight into the German scene. Although Grummel sometimes trash-talked a lot, he was considered as one of the most mannered and well-respected people of the German scene.