KCM Legend Match

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[e][h]KCM Legends Match
League Information
South Korea South Korea
Start Date:
October 15, 2015


Famed caster Kim Chul-min of MBCGame, OGN and SpoTV has started a series of show matches on Afreeca with some of the most popular progamers. The Bo3 matches aim to use more classic Starleague maps rather than the more standard ladder maps. The Legends Matches are casted by Kim Chul-min and former MBCGame Heroes progamer Yooi and is broadcasted on AfreecaTV and Twitch.tv. Kim Carry, another famed caster from OGN also had a brief stint of co-casting the Legends Matches. In the current iteration however, the co-caster position has been filled by former KOR/ OGN Sparkyz progamer and coach, ZeuS.

For prize money, KCM is aiming for a crowd-sourced system modeled after DotA2's The International through Afreeca balloons.

Prize Pool[edit]

Participants of each match receives a predetermined prize pool (₩100,000-250,000) plus viewer donations, split 70/30 between the two players.


Old Format:

  • Best-of-three format.
  • Each player picks any map for one of the first two sets.
  • The third map will be picked my the loser of the second set from a selection of public maps.
  • The public maps are Blue Storm, Circuit Breaker, Fighting Spirit and Tau Cross.

New Format:

  • There are three teams, each with three members who play the same race (Terran, Zerg, Protoss).
  • Teams choose which of their members to send out
  • The winner will play against another race (for instance, if Terran win vs Zerg, the next match is Terran vs Protoss.)
  • The first set is always played on Circuit Breaker
  • A map may only be picked once
  • The winner heading into the last set may veto a map from the pool Grand Line SE , Outsider SE , Blue Storm , New Sniper Ridge


2015 Matches[edit]

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