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Team Information
Germany  Max
Team Captain:
Germany  Archi
Hanbit, Raptor Gaming Technology
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The Danish multigaming clan Meet Your Makers added a StarCraft: Brood War squad to their page in 2006 . It was home to many of the most notable foreign players over three years and a long time competitor to Templars of Twilight's claim to the most dominant team. In the three years of its existence the MYM.BW team did not only win many prestitgeous leagues but organized and covered many events of their own.


The team's initial line-up could easily compete with most of the foreign teams. One reason of this solid roster was team pro Gaming's disbanding: from the original line-up Advokate, Draco and Raven transferred directly into the new team. Later players like Suncow, Blackman, 4Leaf, Lx, F91 and SarenS followed.

Other clans like Deutschlands Kranke Horde (DkH.) or eSa. Lehnitz focussed on recruiting players from the same nation. MYM did not follow the trend, while the arguably best players came from the Polish and Chinese Sub Scenes.

In 2007 MYM underwent two important changes. The first one was the addition of the Canadian random Player Testie and the Taiwanese Zerg Sen, both coming from their direct rival ToT. This compensated for the loss of Legend and Pj, since both mainly focussed on their training for SK Telecom T1. Shortly after the two Chinese players Draco and Suncow also went inactive, as both visited Korea.

With the background of pro Gaming's recruitmend of the former Templars of Twilight roster, this change in line-ups was heavily criticized again. Mostly, because the community argued over the "If you can't beat them, buy them" attitude.[1]

The second change in MYM.BW's line-up took place only few months later when they added almost the complete player and staff list of Deutschlands Kranke Horde to their squad. With that the "missing" German players of ex-[pG] followed their previous clan mates. The most notable players to join were Dreiven, Ghost and Gentleman.[2]

The team officially disbanded in late January 2009, since the management decided to change its focus on different titles. Many of the players transferred to ESC Icy Box in the following months.

Player Roster[edit]

Players Transferred from Reason for leave
Poland  Raven original Line-Up -
Poland  Draco original Line-Up gone to excello
China  PJ original Line-Up gone to SK Telecom T1
Ukraine  yan original Line-Up inactivity
Russia  Advokate original Line-Up left/fired for to inactivity
Bulgaria  ENJoY - inactivity
Norway  Stinger - inactivity / Honorable Member
China  HBQ - inactivity / Honorable Member
China  Lx - SK Telecom T1
Poland  Suncow SoL. Drama
Poland  Blackman Trademark Gamers inactivity
Taiwan  4Leaf IntoThe -
China  F91 kicked due to bad internet connection
Poland  Wook - inactivity / Honorable Member
South Korea  tosslife - won Courage and focussed on career
Russia  Ex IP -
France  SarenS - ToT
USA  Day(9) MediA inactivity
Brazil  ReasoN [SomE] kick for account sharing
USA  TheEnd SW) -
Canada  Testie ToT -
Taiwan  SEn ToT inactivity
Germany  Gentleman DkH. -
Germany  Breakdown DkH. inactivity
Germany  Ghost DkH. MYM disbanded
Germany  Darkgamer DkH. -
Germany  Jae DkH. -
Germany  Jinsul DkH. -
Germany  Zpiet DkH. -
Germany  kAra | DkH. gone to mTw
Poland  Dreiven DkH. MYM disbanded
Ukraine  Strelok excello MYM disbanded
Lithuania  Arew clanless MYM disbanded
Canada  JianFei excello -
Ukraine  White-Ra excello MYM disbanded
Chile  DinoT excello MYM disbanded
Poland  UserZZZ - MYM disbanded
Poland  Yayba DkH. MYM disbanded

  • Notes
    • Rumors state that Suncow left because he got into a fight and imprisoned afterwards during his trip to Korea. However an official post[3] on stated he was merely injured and the victim, rather than the offender. A contradictory statement can be found in Archi's commentary [4] on MYM's disbanding. Other comments from players that met Suncow during his trip to Korea also state his difficult personality. The reason for him leaving / being kicked was not visit to Korea, as he was listed as players after being back in Poland again.
    • Many of the players visiting Korea (Draco, Suncow, Lx, PJ, tosslife) had to focus on their respective teams and underwent a short period of inactivity; however only Suncow was listed as official player later on again, as he couldn't get a permanent spot in one of Korea's pro teams
    • Many of the players that left due to inactivity can not be referenced, as MYM's internal personnel policy often remained quite untransparent, especially when it came to contracts. Furthermore, it's hard to figure out if a player left to internal disagreements or not.

Team Achievements[edit]


  • gold.png 1st place BWCL Season 30
  • gold.png 1st place BWCL Season 29
  • gold.png 1st place BWCL Season 28
  • silver.png 2nd place BWCL Season 27


  • gold.png 1st place WGTCL Season 19


  • bronze.png 3rd place Fragbet League Season 1


  • Meet Your Makers had a partnership with ESL TV; from this cooperation the MymKOTH emerged and became one of ESL TV's permanent weekly features
  • With the addition of the Chinese players MYM tried to promote their team further in the Asian area. While this worked well for their other squads, the BW team was never recognized too much, as their star players left for Korea (Lx, PJ) or were inactive (HBQ). However, MYM did well to cover and promote their players in the big Chinese individual events (IEST 2006, 2007 IEST, PGL Season 1, PGL Season 2, PGL Season 3)
  • MYM.Max was one of the most influential and respected team managers in the past 10 years and was also leader of clans like DkH and ESC
  • MYM.TheCrow, a former Brood editor, transferred to MYM and tried to make a living from his coverage. He has been known to write thourough reports on one hand, but to be quite a difficult character on the other hand. He now works at
  • MYM also established a Media squad called Spirit Productions that produced wallpapers, banners and especially promotion highlight clips. This squad focussed mainly on their Warcraft 3 team but also enabled one of the most active Brood War movie makers to work: Retuh