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The following article lists all relevant build oders and techniques for the Protoss Mirror Match Up.

To read more about Protoss strategies in general, see also Protoss Strategy
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Dragoon / Reaver Fight
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Protoss vs. Protoss Overview

General Information[edit]

The Protoss Mirror Match Up offers various different Build Orders. Other than in Protoss vs. Zerg, most strategies are only describing the earlier stages of a game. Build Orders dictating the game longer than the early game do not exist, as the general game flow converges towards a somewhat very general pattern. Once the openings are over and both players survived without one having a greater advantage, both will play almost identically, using a Death Ball and taking expansions, while fully opening their tech tree.

Build Orders[edit]

The Protoss Mirror Match Up theoretically offers a number of strategies. In most scenarios, a player chooses a One Base Build Order, Fast Expansions are less common and exotic openings are listed separately.

One Base Play[edit]

One Base Play describes every opening off one Nexus for a longer period of time. They can be furthermore distinguished between rush and tech' oriented Builds. To rush means to attack the Protoss as fast as possible, usually by building two Gateways first, while tech refers to a prioritized focus on high tech buildings.

"One Base Build Tree"

common Rush Builds
aggressive Rush Builds

Tech Builds

Fast Expansion Builds[edit]

Fast Expansion Builds are less common in competitive play, but a viable option for every player.

"Fast Expansion Build Tree"
  1. only a small variation of the 12 Nexus 5 Zealot Expansion, less common
  2. rather outdated strategy

Exotic Builds[edit]

This category features less common Build Orders. They're usually referred to as cheese or all-ins, due to their highly risky nature. Failing to perform these Build Orders well usually ends in a defeat.

"Exotic Builds"


The following techniques describe special situations in the Protoss Mirror Match Up.


  • Method to increase the damage of a Zealot Rush

  • Tutorial on Reaver and Shuttle Micromanagement

  • Tutorial on High Templar and Shuttle Micromanagement

  • Basics of army control

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