Pylon Prison

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[e][h]Protoss Pylon Prison
A Dragoon is stuck in a Pylon Prison
Strategy Information
PvT, PvP
Proxy Pylons
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A Pylon Prison is a set of Pylons placed in such a manner that they trap a unit from exiting normally. Most frequently used in PvP and PvT, the pylon prison can sometimes be accomplished with fewer pylons, depending on the position of the factory by using cliffs or ledges as walls. Pylon Prisons are a specific type of offensive pylon walling used to enlarge timing windows. Pylon prisons are an offensive application of pylon walling as they take advantage of the high health of buildings to impede enemy unit flow.


The pylon prison is used to impede reinforcements from arriving to a battle; in the case of a proxy factory the Protoss my choose to simply wall off the factory and quickly capitalize on the timing window the Terran leaves open.

It should be noted that the Pylons can be canceled to save minerals, although this lessens the effect of the technique.


A well-placed probe makes the Dragoon spawn outside the prison.
It is not difficult to counter the pylon prison, as a single unit can usually get in and change the spawning location of the unit (see image). Sometimes, however, in a tense situation another unit is not available to alter the spawn and the trapped unit must destroy a pylon to escape.

Additional Information[edit]

  • This can also be done by a Terran. If it seems viable, they may choose to wall off a proxy gate with supply depots. FireBatHero did this as opposed to pullng SCVs, as he found the gateway too late and did not have time to kill the pylon.