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Simon Münz


Simon Münz was born in 1987 near Stuttgart, Germany. He finished the German Gymnasium in 2007 with the Abitur[1][2]. Around 2005 Münz first started to play poker for fun after the WCG Germany 2005, as he was introduced to the game by a friend. In the years after he transitioned and became a full time poker professional, winning high stakes and gaining more fame among the scene[3].

Brood War[edit]

Schnibl0r started to play StarCraft early on, already around 1998 and transitioned quickly to Brood War afterwards. In the early days of his career the Zerg played relatively little, limited by his internet connection, only having a 56K Modem. In these early days he focussed mainly on mucho maps and transitioned only after months to the low scene.

Until around 2003 Schnibl0r was member of more traditional German teams like TheSame or wuT). These clans already had some more or less notable German players like MarineTS, a strong random player and leader of the German B National Team, or wuT)Anfall, also member of the National B Team. He improved a lot training with a network of the stronger German players, but wasn't good enough to be really considered as elite player. After training massively on the World Gaming Tour ladder, his skill skyrocketed and he slowly turned into one of Germany's strongest Zerg players. However, his reputation was slightly negative in these early days. According to former allies Münz transferred from one team to another within few weeks, being eager to improve. In addition, he was caught cheating during the WCG Germany online qualifications; he signed up multiple accounts to raise his chances for a spot[4].

His career spiked after the Templars of Twilight replaced the roster of pro Gaming in early Summer 2005. He won several show matches and minor events, such as the fourth season of the BW4Ever Tournaments with a close 3-2 over Breakdown. In the months after he qualified for the fifth Giga Grandslam and managed to advance from the group stage. He eventually lost to the overall winner Mondragon with a 0-2, but finished on the third place overall. In between summer and winter 2005 Schnibl0r participated in the ESL Pro Series VII, where he defeated almost all of Germany's strongest players. However, he lost again in the grand finals against the superior Mondragon.

After this successful year the Zerg's talented started to slowly fade. He was still among Germany's top, which showed during the ESL Pro Series VIII. He could again beat most of his nation's strongest players, but barely made it out of group stage. He lost a third time against Mondragon and had to make his way through the loser's bracket, just to to end as runner up. Schnibl0r's last tournament were the WCG Germany 2006, in which he played rather sloppy. He was still able to defeat his clan mate FiSheYe, but was knocked out a round later by the infamous hacker Selector.


In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2006-06-20 A22nd ESL Pro Series VIII 0 : 2  Mondragon € 1000
2005-12-02 A22nd ESL Pro Series VII 0 : 2  Mondragon € 1000
2005-?-? A33rd 2005 Giga Grandslam V 2 : 0  MarineTS € 500
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