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renaming to 2 Rax Fast Expand. (not too happy with this naming convention, but whatever). Including the pressure makes it too specialised, as 2 Rax expand doesn't always lead to pressure depending on the zerg's build. Feel free to discuss--fusionsdf 14:21, 15 March 2009 (KST)

I disagree with this because 2 Rax FE is a different build (2 barracks and CC before gas/acad). This article should be called just 2 Rax Acad because it's an opening that can go either into Sparks (3 rax) or expansion, but isn't a 2 Rax FE because it gets gas/acad before command center. That is, you name THIS article based on the fact that it gets acad tech before command, whereas the other build gets command before acad tech.

The build is listed as strong on Destination, but surely most Zergs would 3 hatch on Desti, seeing as it's a mech favoured map?