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I think 1 zealot rush should be added, deserves to be lmao.


I agree, I believe the origin is incorrect. I know as early as 16 years ago far before starcraft was even invented cheese was a gaming phrase. Primal Rage released in 1994 would actually display a Swiss Cheese icon above you when you did "cheap" moves and then prevent you from continuing the cheesy move.

I don't think that the origins are correct. A strategy is called cheesy because you can not know it but smell it when it happens. This term is so old it is comming from a time where build orders were not as strict as they are today. So if someone scouted the opponents base and didn't really "know" that something was up he could "smell" something is in the bush, so the strategy/tactic was stinking like cheese. Back in the days a "slub" was used to fire up a trap, you could smell this slub when it was burning so you could literally smell the trap just like with cheesy strats.

Cheese doesn't just pertain to strategy games, or even just games. You can find an origin dating back to the year 1818 at cheesy "cheap, inferior," 1896, from Urdu chiz "a thing," from Persian chiz, from O.Pers. *ciš-ciy "something," from PIE pronomial stem *kwo- (see who). Picked up by British in India by 1818 and used in the sense of "a big thing" (especially in the phrase the real chiz). By 1858, cheesy had evolved a slang meaning of "showy," which led to the modern, ironic sense. Cheesed "disgruntled, exasperated," is from 1941, British slang, but the connection is uncertain. --Urashimakt 06:37, 18 September 2010 (UTC)

Alternative explanation[edit]

I always thought that this comes from the "Cheese" you say when you want one to smile as you're taking photos of him/her. :) That's like a joke on the opponent, when you deceive him that u're going standard, and then come up with all your stuff and say like "You've been shot by hidden camera! Say "Cheese"!"