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I was redirected to this page while searching for "micro". I was just wondering f there should not be a section about BASIC unit control. Why I was looking for that ?

If you read up about BW you will find that you can queue several commands to a unit by using the "shift" key. After some games I still have not figured out what EXACTLY this means. Example: I know that by selecting a unit and then right-clicking to some area, I give the unit the command to MOVE to this area. Now if I select another unit and then reselect the first unit, while this first unit is still MOVING to the area I designated, can I then SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK to QUEUE up a command to this first unit ? Or put in another way, will this first unit forget all the stuff I told it to do, because I deselected it and then selected it again and THEN try to queue up a command ?