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The Templars of Twilight were a multi gaming clan and one of the most dominant foreign Brood War teams in the years before the StarCraft II Beta.


The Templars of Twilight were founded in 1998. The team dominated German clan leagues at first, before expanding to international waters. In between 2004 and 2009 the Templars won almost all clan leagues they entered and were home to many of the most notable players in foreign history, including Mondragon, Testie, SEn and in later years ret.

Early Years[edit]

The Templars of Twilight were founded by Nightfall, Lunatic and Purefalcon in 1998. In the first years after foundation the members mostly played team games on Big Game Hunters. After the original founding members went inactive, the German Zerg Lazer took over most of the management tasks. With more time passing by, the team's focus from so-called mucho maps slowly changed towards low money maps. With the return of Mondragon, the addition of members like NorTi and Silence the team's overall skill level improved. Since their roster consisted of German players only, the Templars only participated in the big German venues: BWCL and Stammkneipe.

By 2001 the Templar's overall skill was enough to win the fourth season of BWCL and the tenth season of Stammkneipe. In addition to their participation in leagues, the team also hosted a private PVPGN based server. Any German speaking player was allowed to join, either via invite directly or after submitting a registration mail to their former captain Lazer. In the next two years the Templars gained more recognition for their dominant position within the German community. A total of ten BWCL and three Stammkneipe seasons were won by the team. Especially Mondragon's performance in 1on1 and together with Lazer in 2on2 were key to these achievements; for both Mondragon (and Mondragon/Lazer respectively) scored a 90% win ratio[1]. As a consequence Mondragon, Lazer and a few other Templars were invited into the German National Team. Furthermore, the Templars started to organize both offline and online events, the annual ToT LANs in Southern Germany close the founder's homes, and the ToT Invite tournaments respectively. Both were covered in detail by German pages and organizations - broodwar.de were used to promote both events, and the broadcasting service GIGA streamed the late stages of the tournaments.

Rivalry with pro Gaming[edit]

After more notable international players like Strafe and Ovvi were added to the roster, the Templars slowly turned into one of Europe's strongest teams. Until late 2003 most comments about the team and their individual player's achievements in events and ladders like the World Gaming Tour were positive. Roughly speaking, a rivalry between the Templars, pictured as the traditional team of friends by the community, and pro Gaming slowly emerged, even though both teams rarely played clan wars. The Templars could already match pro Gaming's German roster, whereas the international wing of their rivals were more present and successful in major events like the World Cyber Games. The duels between FiSheYe and Mondragon in between 2004 and 2006 became the symbol of the long lasting battle.

By 2005 the Templars were seen equally skilled, as they were able to send more players to premier events than in all previous years. Mondragon dethroned FiSheYe in Germany, while the Templar's roster now featured more non-German players than ever. The focus of the team changed from traditional leagues towards single show matches against professional Korean teams like Hexatron. In December 2005 Testie and SEn joined the highly successful clan. Together with Mondragon the three formed a dominant trio, present in almost all big online and offline tournaments.

Transfer and Controversies[edit]

The positive image of the Templars changed in summer 2006. At first FiSheYe, one of the star players of the Templar's arch enemy, left pro Gaming together with his long term ally Breakdown. Soon after pro Gaming announced that they kicked all players and replaced them with the Templars. This transfer was heavily criticized by the community at various fan pages[2][3][4][5].

Furthermore, Mondragon decided to add the German Protoss Selector to his team, although Selector had been caught hacking numerous times in the past. Especially the German scene discussed this heavily, after Mondragon announced to leave the German National Team, as the hosting fan page broodwar.de refused to add Selector to the roster as well. Mondragon eventually left and the team was hosted on a different page until Selector was caught hacking in 2007 again[6][7][8][9][10].

The liasion with pro Gaming ended in October 2006, as pro Gaming was disbanded, after the Counter Strike fell apart. Consequently, the Templars went back to their old tag. Selector was kicked from the Templars in 2007[11].

Era of Dominance[edit]

In between 2006 and 2009 the Templars send the most representatives to the World Cyber Games, compared to all other clans. Their roster was constantly updated with the most promising talents and experienced players. Only few teams could challenge them in wars or match the number of representatives in big events.

The international killing spree of the Templars started in 2006, when they won the first ESL Clan League. Most of the teams participating couldn't nearly match the Templar's impressive line ups, especially since the remainders of their former rival, pro Gaming, were still scattered among the teams eSa Lehnitz (FiSheYe, Breakdown) and Deutschlands Kranke Horde (German Wing). The danish multi gaming clan Meet Your Makers were able to recruit the KeSPA professionals Lx and PJ, as well as the rising star Draco and most of the international players of pro Gaming. The finale between the templars was relatively close with an 3-2 overall; the leading trio SEn, Testie and Mondragon decided the outcome.

A year later both teams meet again in the finale of the Fragbet League Season 2, again with the Templars taking the gold after beating their opponent with a close 4-3, although SEn and Testie now played under the Meet Your Makers clan tag. Another two gold medal were won by the team in the BWCL Premier Season 2 and the QCup in 2007 as well.

Later Years[edit]

After 2007 the team signed up for the two more traditional leagues, the ICCup Clan League and World Gaming Tour WGTCL. However, they mostly send out their B-Roster and consequently finished mostly as runner up. The last league the Templars signed up and won was the Titans League.

By late 2008 most of the Templars members focused mainly on individual tournaments, such as the Teamliquid- or Valor Starleague. Even though the clan featured a vast number of high class players, the last really outstanding player in their roster was the Dutch Zerg/Terran race picker ret. He was part of the team in their early years, before he went inactive for longer years. In early 2008, ret returned and improved a lot. While only finishing high in the ESL Major Series 4 before leaving the Templars in August 2009, he was seen as the most promising foreigner aside from IdrA.

After ret's departure most Templars still did well in tournaments, despite not having an outstanding player. The teams roster was still seen as one of the strongest in the foreign world. However, with the increasing inactivity coming with the launch of the StarCraft II Beta, the team slowly started to fade. In July 2010 the team announced to stop playing competitively.


  • Templars of Twilight formed under the tag {ToT}[12]
  • November 17, new homepage released[13]
  • November 26, Templar Server Update[14]
  • May 5, ToT Tournament announced[15]
  • August 5, Homepage Update[16]
  • November 7, TreK joins ToT [17]
  • December 23, TreK caught hacking [18]
  • January 29, Ace/Strafe/Perfection leave ToT, Spawn/Rifter/Rob join[19]
  • February 22, Upham and SuKeR join[20]
  • March 8, TomsOn transfers from pro Gaming[21]
  • April 17, sys joins[22]
  • June 12, Templars play a Korean team for the first time[23]
  • August 29, Manza and ZelotITO join ToT[24]
  • September 16, Aqrash joins ToT[25]
  • October 21, Midian and Twisted join ToT[26]
  • December 10, HeXeR joins ToT[27]
  • December 13, XiaozI joins ToT[28]
  • December 18, SEn joins ToT [29]
  • January 2, Homepage Update[30]
  • January 8, Archi and Breakdown transfer to ToT[31]
  • January 19, Testie joins ToT [32]
  • March 4, TreK rejoins ToT [33]
  • June 10, incontrol transfers to ToT[34]
  • June 20, Avernum joins ToT[35]
  • July 5, ToT transfers to pro Gaming[36]
  • September 14, Selector joins pG[37]
  • October 9, ToT back to their old tag[38]
  • November 12, New Homepage[39]
  • December 25, DaZe joins ToT[40]
  • January 11, Testie and SEn leave ToT)[41]
  • January 23, Templars of Twilight Gosugamer's Team of the Year[42]
  • February 13, Odin joins ToT[43]
  • April 25, Hullah joins ToT[44]
  • May 25, New Homepage, Pokerstrategy new Sponsor[45]
  • December 3, HayprO joins ToT)[46]
  • December 21, HayprO hacking incident[47]
  • December 22, HayprO kicked and Selector leaving ToT)[48]
  • December 22, Cloud joins ToT)[49]
  • February 1, ZelotITO joins ToT[50]
  • February 7, iNcontroL leaves ToT)[51]
  • February 7, Yosh joins ToT)[52]
  • March 7, Infernal joins ToT[53]
  • March 12, Templars sign with Razer[54]
  • April 7, Arew leaves ToT)[55]
  • April 12, SarenS leaves ToT)[56]
  • April 26, TenSevenSuited New Sponsor[57]
  • May 16, HayprO rejoins ToT); and Ret joins ToT)[58]
  • July 18, Ace joins ToT)[59]
  • July 21, iNfeRnaL leaves ToT)[60]
  • October 28, Arew transfers to ToT[61]
  • November 19, Cloud leaves ToT)[62]
  • November 23, Shad, AeRiaLs, and Naugrim join ToT)[63]
  • November 24, KaiSeR joins ToT)[64]
  • December 15, Ace leaves ToT)[65]
  • January 28, MoonShine joins ToT)[66]
  • March 5, Cloud rejoins ToT)[67]
  • April 17, Gan joins ToT)[68]
  • June 3, Shad and Cloud leave ToT); Yenta, aCe, and Eriador join ToT)[69]
  • June 24, ZpuX joins ToT[70]
  • July 2, ToT) starts to stream their games on LiveStream[71]
  • August 14, Ret leaves ToT)[72]
  • August 18, Belladona joins ToT)[73]
  • September 30, Gan leaves ToT)[74]
  • December 13, AeRiaLs leaves ToT)[75]
  • January 18, DaZe rejoins ToT)[76]
  • March 15, ToT) resigns from Iccup Clan League[77]
  • April 2, ToT) Brood War Division goes inactive due to the SC2 Beta[78]
  • July 22, ToT) comes to an end[79]


July 2010[edit]

Protoss Protoss Terran Terran Zerg Zerg
Poland Gohan Sweden DaZe Germany aCe
China LJT Norway Eriador
Sweden ZpuX Poland GOsia
France Ore Sweden HayprO
Germany Mondragon ()
Sweden MoonShine
Sweden Naugrim
Spain Squall
Canada XiaOzI

Other Notable Players[edit]

Protoss Protoss Terran Terran Zerg Zerg
Italy Cloud Spain SuKeR Taiwan SEn
Canada Testie France SarenS Netherlands Twisted
Germany HeXeR USA Yosh Netherlands ret
Sweden WiLLeT Brazil Odin United Kingdom Midian
Spain ZelotITO Germany Rob Finland Ovvi
Netherlands Strafe Poland Avernum Germany Kalaschni

Team Achievements[edit]

Date League Result Winnings
unknown BWCL Season IV N/A N/A
unknown Stammkneipe Season 10 N/A N/A
unknown Stammkneipe Season 11 N/A N/A
unknown BWCL Season VI N/A N/A
unknown BWCL Season VII N/A N/A
unknown BWCL Season VIII N/A N/A
unknown Stammkneipe Season 03 N/A N/A
unknown Stammkneipe Season 04 N/A N/A
unknown Stammkneipe Season 05 N/A N/A
unknown Stammkneipe Season 06 N/A N/A
unknown BWCL Season XI N/A N/A
unknown BWCL Season XII N/A N/A
unknown BWCL Season XIII N/A N/A
unknown BWCL Season XIV N/A N/A
unknown BWCL Season XV N/A N/A
unknown BWCL Season XVI N/A N/A
2006-03-? ESL Clan League Season I Templars of Twilight 3 - 2 Meet Your Makers 250 €
2006-11-12 ESL Clan League Season I AFM 4 - 0 Templars of Twilight $ 200
2007-02-14 BWCL Premier League Season 2 Templars of Twilight 7 - 0 Czech Demolition Squad 300 €
2007-06-19 FragBet League Season II Templars of Twilight 4 - 3 Meet Your Makers $ 400
2007-09-28 ICCup Clan League Season I Templars of Twilight L - W Los Reyes Del Mambo $ 300
2007-12-19 QCup Templars of Twilight 3 - 2 Team Excello 700 €
2008-01-14 ICCup Clan League Season II Templars of Twilight 4 - 0 Team Excello $ 600
2009 WGTour Titans League Templars of Twilight W - L Radical online Xtremists $ 600
unknown ICCup CL Season 3 N/A N/A
unknown ICCup CL Season 4 N/A N/A
unknown ICCup CL Season 5 N/A N/A
unknown ICCup CL Season 6 N/A N/A
unknown ICCup CL Season 7 N/A N/A
unknown WGTour Clan League Season 18 N/A N/A
unknown WGTour Clan League Season 19 N/A N/A
unknown WGTour Clan League Season 20 N/A N/A
unknown WGTour Clan League Season 21 N/A N/A
unknown WGTour Clan League Season 22 N/A N/A


ToT Imagine Part 1
ToT Imagine Part 2


External Links[edit]


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