1/1/1 Build/Banshee into Siege Tech All-in

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Strategy Information
TvP, TvT, TvZ
Harass, All-in, Fast Tech, One Base


A Cloak Banshee opening into Siege Tank Reactor-Marine all-in was famous amongst Protoss known as erroneously as the 1/1/1. This variation masses Marines and adds Siege Tanks and attacks when Siege Tank (2) finishes, usually around the 10 min mark, when Protoss are quick teching to Colossus.


Using Banshees to force a large amount of Stalkers, Terran then masses Marines with a few Siege Tanks to overwhelm the Stalker-heavy forces of Protoss.

Basic Build Order[edit]


  • Not enough gas on one base to build both Banshees and Siege Tanks.
  • Add additional Barracks after Siege Tank (2) for strong reinforcement waves.
  • See also: Bomber 3/1/1 Timing for the later timing with three Barracks.



  • Bring half the mining SCVs if the opposing army is Zealot-heavy.
  • Keep the Banshees alive will force even more Stalkers do not let them die.


  • Switch Barracks (2) (3) to Tech Labs and expand after the timing is a favorite transition of Pro-Gamers.


Pro features[edit]

Con features[edit]

  • Long Rush Distances (Example: Tal'Darim Altar)