2011 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 1

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[e][h]2011 Global Starcraft II Team League Season 1
League Information
South Korea
South Korea South Korea
Group + Playoffs
Start Date:
End Date:
Number of Teams:
oGs • TSL • Prime • StarTale • SlayerS • MVP • ZeNEX • fOu • IM • HoSeo • FXO • F.United

Map Pool[edit]

This GSTL used the same map pool as the previous GSTL, but was changed mid-season:

Crevasse and Xel'Naga Caverns were replaced with Antiga Shipyard and Daybreak[1] between GSL July and GSL August, thus the GSTL Season 1 always used the same map pool as the concurrently running GSL.

* GomTV still shows the names "Terminus RE" and "Tal'Darim Altar" in their broadcasts, while Terminus SE and Tal'Darim Altar LE are played.



Participating Teams
Incredible Miracle For Our Utopia ZeNEX Prime
oGsTL StarTale New Star HoSeo MVP
Team SCV Life SlayerS F.United FXOpen e-Sports

The new GSTL Format[edit]

  • The new GSTL Full Group League will be played every Thursday and Friday.
  • The 12 participating teams will be divided into two groups:
  • Group A, the Jupiter League.
  • Group B, the Venus League.
  • Each team will go through a full league and the top 3 teams from each group will advance to the playoffs.
  • Matches will be played in the usual King of the Hill team league format:
  • GomTV selects the first map.
  • Coaches will decide the order of players to compete as the game progresses.
  • A player is able to achieve consecutive wins against the other team until he is defeated.
  • When a player loses, the next player from the team takes his place and selects the map.


Casting will be split 50/50 between 2 casting teams:


  • "Wolf" Schröder
  • and guest casters:
  • Daniel "Unstable" Siddel
  • Trevor "TorcH" Housten
  • Erik "DoA" Lonnquist
  • Noah "Moletrap" Kalb

Group Overview[edit]

Group A
1. Team SCV Life 5-0 20-7 +13
2. MVP 3-2 15-15 0
3. Prime 2-3 13-14 -1
4. oGsTL 2-3 14-17 -3
5. F.United 2-3 11-17 -6
6. SlayerS 1-4 13-16 -3

Group B
1. New Star HoSeo 4-1 17-9 +8
2. StarTale 4-1 18-11 +7
3. Incredible Miracle 3-2 13-14 -1
4. For Our Utopia 2-3 13-16 -3
5. ZeNEX 1-4 13-16 -3
6. FXOpen e-Sports 1-4 8-16 -8

Playoffs Overview[edit]

Prize Pool[edit]

* Approximate USD and EUR amounts taken from http://xe.com on June 15, 2011. [₩1000 KRW = $0.92 USD = €0.65 EUR]

There will also be a Best Coach Award of ₩5,000,000.

The Most Valuable Player of the winning team will be awarded the MVP Gold Card Award.


  • FXO was the first foreigner team to compete in GSTL.
  • Capital ship watch: Games where these units were a major factor in the outcome:
Unit Win Loss
Battlecruiser Group Stage, F.United  vs. MVP Game 4 None
Brood Lord None None
Carrier None None
Mothership None None

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