2013 WCS Season 1 Korea GSL: Qualifier

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  • Held for 2 days: April 10 and 11.[1]
  • Maximum number of players participating in the qualifiers: 576.
  • Each group is single elimination tournament.
  • Group winner qualifies for the Challenger Leaguehallenger League.
  • All rounds are best-of-3.

Map Pool[edit]

Qualified Players[edit]

Protoss Protoss (11) Terran Terran (7) Zerg Zerg (12)
South Korea JangBi
South Korea Hack
South Korea Pet
South Korea Super
South Korea SuperNova
South Korea ALBM
South Korea First
South Korea Bunny
South Korea Dark
South Korea Terminator
South Korea Sound
South Korea JuNi
South Korea Hurricane
South Korea Kop
South Korea YugiOh
South Korea Ruin
South Korea Dream
South Korea RagnaroK
South Korea VINES
South Korea Sparta
South Korea hyvaa
South Korea San
South Korea ByuL
South Korea Swim
South Korea Golden
South Korea Trap
South Korea Hydra
South Korea ParalyzE
South Korea Solar
South Korea s2


Day 1 Morning[edit]

Day 1 Afternoon[edit]

Day 2 Morning[edit]

Day 2 Afternoon[edit]

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