2 Base Muta

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[e][h] 2 Base Muta
Strategy Information
ZvP, ZvT, ZvZ
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An aggressive two Hatchery rush to Mutalisk used to harass the opponent and clean up the opponent's remaining forces after Lings and Banes to attack the opponent head on.

All initial gas is spent on the speed upgrades and Mutalisks. Remaining minerals are spent on Zerglings. Banelings are made for when the opponent is about to move out, creep spread is very important for getting in melee range of the opponent's troops quickly.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build


  • Zerglings are used to hold map control and poke the opponent's front to see the unit composition.
  • Roaches are made defensively to hold against pushes and buy time for Banelings to morph.
  • Creep spread is extremely important for Baneling and Zergling engagements, getting in melee range quickly is the difference between a devastating loss and a strong advantage.
  • Once the opponent's army has moved out attack the main base and destroy anything that is not defended by anti-air,


  • Scout whether the opponent is going for one-base play or expanding, an expansion will make the Mutalisk harassment stronger but one base play will overrun a Zerg who has not prepared Spine Crawler defense


  • Mutalisk Engagement:

Do not directly engage with Mutalisks against your opponent's anti-air defenses. Mutalisks are terrible for direct army battles and in even numbers WILL DIE QUICKLY regardless of anything; instead mass Mutalisk numbers and attack upgrades to overwhelm the opponent in the long run.

  • Baneling Numbers:

Banelings are made when the opponent is moving out to crash straight into the opponent alongside Zergling reinforcements, use Mutalisk to mop up any remaining troops.


  • Purely the number of Hatcheries is important for being able to spend all the Larva, gas expansions can be taken to make a strong transition to Hive and possibly Infestors.
  • Macro-Hatcheries will be needed to stockpile Larva, even on two base, a huge excess of minerals and gas will accumulate.


Pro features[edit]

  • Short air rush distance and long rush distance. (i.e. Scrap Station)

Con features[edit]

  • Wide-open and level terrain.
  • Short ground rush distance, if going fast Mutalisk opening.