2 Base Mutalisks

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Overview: This build allows a Zerg player to enter the mid-game with Mutalisks with an expansion established while holding off typical early pushes from a Terran/Protoss players. The build focuses largely on Mutalisks with the support of Zerglings.

Goal: To survive to the mid-game with Mutalisks. This build uses Speedlings, spine-crawlers, and Mutalisks.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build
  • 9 Overlord
  • 14 Extractor
  • 14 Spawning Pool
  • 15 Overlord
  • 16 Metabolic Boost, then take 2 drones off gas.
  • 16 Queen
  • 18 4-6 Zerglings
  • 20 or 21 Expand

@After expansion Hatchery has been set, use your next 150 minerals on your 2nd Queen.


Power drones accordingly and add a few Spine Crawlers as needed.

Order to get air upgrades:

Flyer Attack 1

Flyer Attack 2

Flyer Defense 1

Reason behind this is Attack 3 benefits the least, (Glaive Worm bounce damage).

It is important to get 2 Evolution Chambers somewhere in this strategy as Zerglings are one of the main units in this strategy. The attacks also give benefits for tier 3 Ultralisks and Brood Lord's Broodlings.

1st geyser should be done right when you plant down your Spawning Pool.


Poke in with initial Zerglings to identify what buildings are near your opponent's ramp as well as his unit composition. Place Overlords in key locations, and prepare 1 Overlord to sacrifice for scouting information once your Lair has started.


Use your Mutalisks to harass the Protoss player, making him invest his minerals on Photon Cannons. Use your Mutalisks to pick off stray units. Once you get a critical amount of Mutalisks, picking off stray cannons is important. Then go for Pylons. Once you have an extremely disastrous amount, you can even snipe out Gateways and stargates.

Do NOT lose any Mutalisks, as you want to have as much as possible, losing 1 or 2 Mutalisks every harassment is not good.


Vs Gateway Units[edit]

Mass Mutalisks and mass Zerglings. Try flanking his Stalkers, and finishing the Zealot force with your leftover Mutalisks and Zerglings.

Vs 4 Gate Push[edit]

Get ~4 Spine Crawlers to defend yourself. Place them in good positions or the Protoss may slip past the Spine Crawlers and go right into your main.

Vs Stargate openers[edit]

Go for Hydralisks instead of Mutalisks. After the Phoenix threat is gone, you can proceed with making Mutalisks. (NOT TESTED: Go for mass Mutalisks/Corruptors/Zerglings.Corruptors will prevent Mutalisk kiting).


Pro features[edit]

Short distance between main and natural.

Short air rush distance.

Long ground rush distance.

Con features[edit]

Short ground rush distance (Steppes of War)

Hard to defend expansions.

Natural far away from Main (Can easily avoid Spine Crawlers)(Desert Oasis)