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The ACe-Series is a StarCraft II tournament series organized and casted by Aachen eSport. Each tournament edition consists of seven open qualifiers and a final for the top 16 players.


There are seven 128-player qualifier cups. The winner of each cup receives €20 and points are distributed as follows:

  • Ro16 – 5 points
  • Ro8 – 10 points
  • Ro4 – 15 points
  • Final – 20 points
  • Winner - 40 points + 20€

Note: Special prizes for winners of the offline qualifier at the 4S-Lan

The top 16 players based on points qualify to participate in the final.


ACe-Series finals results
# 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1 South Korea  Solar USA  Bails Germany  CPU Poland  Tefel
2 Germany  Roof Denmark  Snovski Luxembourg  JackO* Germany  KnowMe*

* Match for 3rd/4th place was not played. The players decided to split the prize money.


ACe-Series#2 week1 (German cast)

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